wut really happens in 2012...

  1. battle?
    100 year anniversary!! bong bong!!

  2. check two
    check two
    what? lol
  3. battle?
    im telling u 2012 is gna be dope!!
    the sales on the fishing gear are gna b un-b-lievable !!
  4. check two
    check two
    My dad has a pair of boots that looks just like the ones in the picture that he wears out in the snow during winter. I didn't realize they were for fishing. lol
  5. battle?
    those boots they make are for anyting ..boating,snow sho-v-ling,running marathons
  6. check two
    check two
    Running marathons? lol
  7. check two
    check two
    I still can't get a group picture added here, instead of the big question mark.
  8. battle?
    ^that's weird
    i dont think u could run a marathon in those boots..lolz
  9. check two
    check two
    Do you get notifications when new messages are posted in this section? Cause I don't lol
  10. battle?
    ^nope have 2 check the page lolz
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