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E.T.'s, Demons, Bluebeam

  1. V4D3R
    1 - I think the devil is real and you can be possessed by evil beings. I believe a rational sane person can convince himself that he will not do a certain evil deed - then have those certain deeds project themselves in thought - then have those thoughts grow weak with the help of a real strong prayer to the creator. This has happened to me.

    2 - I think certain alien species are really demonic beings and that Satan has a big ass plan going on to trick us with all this new age shit we fall for on the daily. I believe the day we have first contact will be the beginning of Armageddon.

    3 - I also believe possessed people are helping this all come about. Bluebeam.

    4 - I also believe I can be totally wrong and that the mind is so powerful we can make these fears become manifest and disappear with the power of thought (prayer)

    This is something I really need some feedback on. We should build on these topics thoroughly.
  2. Face of the Golden Falcon
    Face of the Golden Falcon
    PEACE V4D3R... The second part of your no.1 did a pretty good job at explaining the notion of possession without the "devil" and "evil beings" being involved. If said person has to convince themselves not to do a certain evil deed then the fear of committing that evil deed is there. This is the deed projecting in thought. Until that the fear is properly dealt with it will keep projecting itself through thought. Prayer is obviously one way in which you can eliminate the fear in the subconscious.
  3. Face of the Golden Falcon
    Face of the Golden Falcon
    ...having said that I don't doubt that people can be possessed by the spirit of "evil beings". I don't believe its the vision of a spirit entering a body and taking complete control of a person the way it's depicted in movieland. "They" create a evil or negative spirit that can take a certain degree of control over people who a susceptible to it. It is done through a knowledge of the make-up of man through the use of sound, colors, food, affirmations etc. It is being done to us on a collective level, I have no doubt it could be done on an individual level also.
  4. V4D3R
    thanks for the thoughts - I am coming to a deep self-overstood epiphany, which I know I will go over again and again until I go see a doctor and get on some skitzo medz...or find help to get off the spell of Leviathan...
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