Arts, Peace and War

  1. BornPower
    I had in depth discussion a man that saw me (re)reading the Art of War. He asked if I was planning some sort of offensive action and when I replied, "no" he inquired as to why I was studying a book that laid out the framework of successful conquest. In his (not so) humble opinion, I had no business reading something like that if I didn't plan on using it in some way.

    This is the discussion that I put on the table:

    What is the value of knowing how to manipulate and conquer one's opponent using the tools one has available? Is a man of peace justified in his study of war and at what point does one draw the line?
  2. V4D3R
    I'm going to read it today. Its about that time.
  3. Urban_Journalz
    1: I believe the value lies in self-preservation. Protection. Securing future opportunities for a life of growth.

    2: A man of peace is always justified in his study of war. A Roman named Vegetius once said, "Let him who desires peace prepare for war." Too much patience is the mark of a coward. Just as too much aggression is the mark of a tyrant. War and Peace are two sides of the same coin. A man of peace NOT studying war is a man in a snowstorm who diliberately chooses to wear shorts and a tank top.

    3: Listen to your conscience and you'll know when to draw the line.
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