1. $inista
    if you are Hispanic/latino or black it's more then likely you have a slave name build on your slave name origins & history

    shit is deep cause your great great great grandfather more then likely been a conquer, murder, rapist, slave master, noble men & lord, i always had a basic knowledge of this due to the NOI & the X thing (malcom X) for not acknowledging there slave names

    I always been proud of my name Negrón & I still am cause the man my father was however it's bitter sweet when you read that that name was tied to slavery in one way or another

    i was able to trace my slave name to Italy, France & Spain the oldest being Italy in 1200's where you can still find negrone desedants, & in france it bacame negroni

    i also was able to find a family crest/coat of arms which is pretty cool considering

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