1. V4D3R
    As we all know these forums have some progressive minds and some regressive ones that stop us ( those of you i chose for now - others to be added voted in ) from making any progress in our common intellectual seekings.

    That said I hope this group makes a mark on all our minds to seek out and verify what we post here using scientific facts, plausible theories with the use of occam's razor.
  2. V4D3R
    An good example of a thread would have something like I just did - insert link into word's you dont want to explain such as "occam's razor".
    I'm using wiki as an example for now. Wiki is not all that bad but has some credibility issues


    Another good source would be http://www.britannica.com/

    I don't claim to be a genius by no means. I have an IQ of 114 and I'm not here to try to outsmart anybody. I'm here to learn and share.

    Oh...one more thing. Let's leave religion out of this group unless it correlates with a researched archeological finding or scientific parallel.
    Keep in mind conspiracy theories are welcome if plausible, be wary of things like this project blue beam.

    I fell for one in 2010 called "project lucifer"

    Thanks for joining.

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