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  1. Obama's Economic Plan To Rebuild America: What Can You Add To It?

    Barak Obama's economic plan to rebuild America is a very strong and workable plan.

    It includes rebuilding roads, schools, developing broadband, modernizing schools, developing the economy from the...
  2. Barak Obama - Media 'judases' Try To 'politically Crucify' Obama

    The media with its legion of 'judases' are trying to 'crucify' Barak obama with their pens and tongues? Why: Because Barak Obama will for the first time in decades work for the American people...
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    Poll: Many Say Its Time For Conscious, Uplifting Rap/hip-hop

    It is obvious that there is a need for a change in the rap and hip-hop lyrical content. The reasons are many but two of the main ones are 1. The hip-hop generation has suffered through Hurricane...
  4. Re: Finally, get yo wuweareurope in the US, check the front page...

    Who says nobody cares, is there Wu Wear in California? Right now we are trying to organize the Capoeiraista martial artists who are practicing the ancient African martial art that looks like...
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