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Thread: Spread some hate you fucks!

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    under pressure you'll break..
    cuz your more pussy than the hefner estate
    you's a feather, my flows is lesnor in weight
    theres No More Light, like uncle fester's remains
    left inside, your mind's a plethra of pain
    broken sprockets caught in levers 'n cranks
    closed to God, i like my pleasures in vain
    until the fires, wont surrender my gains
    ill just close my eyes 'n weather the flames
    seen more crimes than ninety veteran jakes
    shiny piece beneath my leather 'n suede
    snatch ya greens already measured 'n weighed
    fuck with Priest ill make the desert ya grave
    im only hopin i remembered the spade
    cuz deep down, i dont remember my name
    its long forgotten..
    caranial vault is rotten
    ima open ya scalp up 'n salt'cha noggin
    ripped apart your apartments a swamp to walk in
    cuz ya carpets been wetted like bongs was droppin
    like some oxen was stompin across ya conscience
    ima target ya head split along the top end
    then ill scatter ya carcass across lawn 'n
    get'cha eatin by birds when i call the swans in
    im that old school gangsta that rock tha thompson
    charles bronson, mechanic of molten hotness

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    Method Man, he is ill
    Method Man, out for the kill
    M-E-T-H-O-D Man
    He likes eating lots of ham
    He likes jumping in the sand
    Sniff a gram, with the method man

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    i watch ghostbusters
    with my toast covered with smuckers,
    greet the sinister schemed trucker,
    who squish motherfuckers like fruit gushers

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    Quote Originally Posted by big baby jesus 666 View Post
    method man, he is ill
    method man, out for the kill
    m-e-t-h-o-d man
    he likes eating lots of ham
    he likes jumping in the sand
    sniff a gram, with the method man

    just tell me straight duke, did u take an extreamly bad tripp on meth and completely lose ya self sumwhere along the line literally.....

    "We discourteous creatures, features of repetitive
    feaster's,that pray on the opposite optical of logical people"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eversick666 View Post
    just tell me straight duke, did u take an extreamly bad tripp on meth and completely lose ya self sumwhere along the line literally.....
    yea man, that piece of shit's a wack job
    couldnt Spit Sharp shatterin Glass Jaws
    fuck his piss poor satalite fast talk
    nigga'z more fulla shit than a bad clog
    mufuckaz a gas, rip his mask off
    gotta laugh how he really is THAT fraud
    half-retarded dude's Down, like blackhawk
    so he's hangin behind us like back drops
    priest, the lamb's god, communist warlord..
    Cottonmouth tongue, flickin a forked sword
    twistin hydro, chillin like morgue drawers
    im your fly quote villianous horror source
    waterboard pour torture from warm quarts
    fuck ya like porn whores in divorce courts
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    i slap the crap out of anybody wack in my path
    feel the agony when i conjure up my monster wrath
    steppin to me lyrically is like donating to a bloodbath
    im taking numbers so you do the math
    i stand covered with mud when i laugh
    taut with the direction of my bostaff
    flow so flast that i cant be out matched
    im patched and mutilated benath the mask
    collecting the decaiptated oppostions scalps is my task
    inglorious basterds
    living luxoris with our skills mastered and conqured
    not sponsered but still kick a vigorus concert
    grip the mic so tight my palm hurt
    hit you with my barefist on the chairlift
    gratuitous glare as i cease to exisit morph into the morbid mist
    smoke looseblunts with my dog in the fog
    envoke goosebumps when i give a zizag nod
    sip juice in jubilant suits with a mongoose gone loose fuck a fraud
    obtuse punks are flawed like everyones interpretation of god
    lyrics revved up and chainsawed your a hole squad
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    yall had enough!?

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    this grimy Sneak Step
    grindin my cletes in ya neck
    the sly, cheatin, high chief in the trench
    peep in the lens, snipe ya clean from the nest
    one shot from Priest ya fuckin fleece be a mess
    no retreat or Defense, 23 on the Bench..
    the Judge hang ya, desert skuds is aimed up
    at fake fucks, Liquids is flame struck
    brain's plugged, painting his cave in grey crust
    laid him out like a Straight Flush
    Spades, clubs, ill make sure that'cha grave's Dug
    escape clutch, under some clouds of haze puffed..
    yo, i seen bloodshed as the slugs sped
    another cocaine, drug death
    soaked celing, apartments run red
    thru to'ya neighbor's carpets, flood sets
    spit this cartridge to one's head, nuff said..
    visual, portraits of mourning, horror stories
    dirty four storage horde under floor boarding
    chill with sorcerous bitches n force whoring
    or we bury their corpses before morning
    forwarn em, we dirty as court wardens
    aint important no more when ya post mordem
    so quit postin them snores, ya reports borin'
    i aint seen an mc that was more corny

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    givn props to me
    once my lyrics have risen
    its like forgivn a serial killer once he is in prison
    try your hardest to invison a kitchen
    with no knives
    where have they all gone yell the wives!
    i give them high fives then stab em in the thighs
    toss beehives into there eyes
    in a cypher if i dont verbaly kill ya i will instill ya windpipe
    with the symbol of the 3rd reich
    that way for the rest of your life
    you will be ducking every race including the white
    and thats your own type
    you miniature like ribosomes
    i am mature so my mic is ripe and ill dig ya homes
    and leave ya buried in stones
    the pressure builds up until out pop your bones
    my voice tone
    reduces all other sounds like noise cancelling headphones
    ill shred anybody whos well known
    and ill never atone for spittin on the throne
    hittin em till they dome get thrown the distance of rome
    im homegrown from the hellmouth of the twillight zone
    thanks to the spell that helped me sprout out to highlight the spit pits like cologne

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    is this over?

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    serious, whos this punk?
    clueless dunce, what? you aint been booo'd enough?!
    man liquid, you useless fuck, tie up nooses to moving trucks
    ima drag you thru roots n such while my crew hit up booze n blunts
    stupid shmuck, you coulnt rock a mic tight in medusa's cunt
    man, you just havent proven much, ill stick you up like a fence
    im like campin trips with ya bitch, kid, Too fuckin Intense
    you aint touchin my stremph, lyrically, your nothing at best
    like lazerous, ill spiriually lift you up from your rest
    to a labryith where fags like david bowie fuck you to death!
    goblin king wit'da hottest speech, homie, you owe me respect
    the pope is holy ellect, loathing, im stoning to death
    mufuckas that owe me rent ya dome get broke in a sec!

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    Fuck your respect
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    Hahaha wrote this the other day and it wouldn't let me post it cus of wack forum conditions or some shit lol ehhem

    You're a burden, a noob
    I cant believe i wasted my time reading that fuckin dum shit
    Im kill whoever the fucks been nursing this dude
    just close the curtain ya through
    You're fuckin wack!
    There's no other wording to use
    and I heard while you been lurking the tubes
    your girls been squirting her juice
    Okay i wont lie, for certain we spooned on your furniture too
    after a few bourbons the nervousness fused
    she got face fucked so hard she like its hurting to chew
    and I'm sorry to break it to ya
    Your bitch always first to be nude
    I know cus my dicks been nurtured a few times in the curves of her boobs
    I hate you stupid motherfucker
    this nerd with no clue easily worsens a mood
    wackcees like you I've an urge to remove
    whoever birthed you needs a sermon on ttuth
    Someone should've kicked your mother firm in the womb
    You're not a person you stooge
    you don't deserve to hear a verse or even purchase the wu
    when your not looking I'll burst in the room
    hock in your burger and burp in your food
    I know cursing is rude
    but I can see these words on the news:
    man dies from verbal abuse
    Archerpriest im referring to you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big L
    I'm undefeated that's the stone truth
    Cause battlin' me is like fightin' a gorilla in a phone booth

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