Hey everybody, how are you?
Can anyone help me with some of the words of this crazy Methodman freestyle ?
I typed down the lyrics cause I love that song soo much, but as you can see I'm no native speaker and I don't get some of the words.
If I typed down some bullshit, please correct me and would be great if someone could fill in the missing parts.

THX so much ! PEACE

Here the link to the freestyle session with mef, u-god and mastakilla:

And here the lyrics I typed down:

Big Mef, U-God, Masta Killa, Allah Mef…
Ya already know how we get it in
Wu-Tang Forever Baby ! We ‘bout to go down…

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…ah yeah yeah yeah ah
Mef, check the verse no curses yo, listen!
Still living by the code
Too many pretty women still living by the …yo, yo, haha
Yeah, Yeah, ... here we go, no curses yo
Check the joint!

I’m just tryin’ to get a mill
When I started rhymin’ was I tryin’ to get a deal
I was tryin’ to get a ?feel?
Homocide Housin’ bodies lyin’in the hill,
Men ain’t nothin’ worth dyin’ in the field
Especially when I’m tryin’ to pay the bills
A lot of y’all relyin’ on the steal
And see the court denyin’ ???
If y’all don’t know nothing, you better know it’s real
If it works like a workshop better know the drill
I’m ???
Y’all just tryin’ to take me out of the game
And call my black women outta they names
I’m serious they out of my brain
Understandin’ my slangs, fast and furious they out of my lane
Boy I’m hot, kids be callin’ me “Blaze”
In the industry I’m not they be callin’ me slave
I ain’t tryin’ to burn this pot but I’m settin’ my ways
I’m just a product of the block and the city I’m raised
I’m still living by the code
Too many pretty women still living by the stroll
Dady pimpin’ them for dough
Early in the morning cops kickin’ in the door
Man I think somebody snitchin’ on the ?low?
I caught my father sniffin’ on that snow
That’s when he tryin’ to tell me things are different than before
Kid don’t listen anymore, that’s for sho
We use the ?afromission? from our folk
Ain’t no food up in the kitchen cause we’re broke
And I ain’t tryin’ to miss another mill
Cause love will got you killed and if it it don’t yo baby’s mother will
But y’all ain’t recognizin’ that it’s real until that undercover pullin’ shield
And I was kinda liqu’ to cut a deal
So why ain’t gotta tell you how I feel
Why I try to keep my pockets stuffed with hundred dollar bills
I should have went to school and got a skill
But it wasn’t in my future so I steal
That’s why I got this ruger ???