Legendary underground outfit, Hieroglyphics Imperium, announced this week, the upcoming Hiero Imperium Summer Tour 2012.

The tour kicks off on July 19th in San Diego, running a full month with 16 stops, including a number of festival performances, before winding down on August 18th in Las Vegas, Nevada. It will feature performances by Souls of Mischief, Pep Love and Casual, plus some very special guests.

Already, 2012 has been one of Hiero’s most active years in recent memory. Individually, the collective has seen a steady string of solo releases from the crew, including Casual’s He Still Think He Raw, Pep Love’s Rigmarole, Phesto Dee’s Background Check, Tajai’s Machine Language, and Opio’s Vulture’s Wisdom Vol. 2, not to mention some new crew material.

And so, while Hiero is excited to perform all their fan-favorite classics, they’re also looking forward to performing their new material. “I’m looking forward to doing the new material the most, with the new albums from Pep, Casual, Opio, Phesto, and me,” notes Tajai, adding, “Plus, new Hiero material!”

The tour will see Heiro making stops through California, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Nevada, and more, including a special hometown performance for Souls Of Mischief.

“I’m excited to rock the hometown Art And Soul Festival,” remarks Tajai. “Oakland, USA!”

For few select dates on the tour, a secial VIP ticket option is available, offering concertgoers a package that includes a VIP Meet-and-Greet, a tour tee, CD and poster, and a sticker Pack.

For more info, visit Hierolyphics.com.