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Thread: Rza on Nutmeg

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    Default Rza on Nutmeg

    Verse is ill and doesnt get as much props as it deserves..

    Pass me a honey-dipped spliff, black mental cause continental drift
    One whiff of Pow U gets my Divine stiff
    Brick rock, late night, hear the tick tock of my clock
    I used to run up and pick, a crab lock
    Hit his stash, dip back, to the Lab, make him flip
    Uptown, BOO-DOOP, now we back on your ass
    Incognito, fatal aikido blow, pop a needle
    Dick a knock-knee hoe, bust out her fetal
    Nine inch long strong, Bobby pop the bitch thongs
    Spit on her, then I banged on my chest like Kong King
    Merciless Meng, point the killa bee sting
    ring DINGS, right through your head BING
    Snap the wing off of bats, my battleaxe tongue hacks tracks
    Once the ball drop, I'ma snatch ten jacks
    Pass the crack to a niggarette, puff a looseleaf cigarette
    while your man search the internet for +Bob Digitech in Stereo+
    Crazy as Shapiro
    Multiply myself ten times standin next to zero
    And snap my fingers like the Fonz
    and bag me a golden bronze skinned girl with the honey blonde
    dip hair, make a nigga flip in his chair
    Had the armpit shaved off perfect with the Nair
    Stomach fat as a pancake for her man's sake
    Used to fuck her when she menestraute
    but it made her hyperventilate

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    Default Re: Rza on Nutmeg

    One of his nicest spits, for sure.

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    Default Re: Rza on Nutmeg

    are you asking anything about the verse or just saying that its very dope?
    Quote Originally Posted by SATAN View Post
    Allah is my bitch
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    Canít stand Cilvaringz, by the way.... Itís never us coming with the gimmicks. Itís always on the outside, a "B" Wu guy or somebody like that coming with some crap thatís just so gimmicky. It makes you scratch your head and say, ĎWhy Wu-Tang?í when itís not Wu-Tang.
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    That's a guy in those pictures who's a woman?

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    Default Re: Rza on Nutmeg

    he is saying that it's dope.

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    Default Re: Rza on Nutmeg

    "stomach fat as a pancake" ???

    aint it supposed to be "flat...as a pancake".??? u know....with pancakes being flat and all.....

    one of my favourite Rza verses anyway, along with his verse offa "The Grains"..

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    Default Re: Rza on Nutmeg

    Those two last lines make me always laugh.

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    Default Re: Rza on Nutmeg

    yeah the verse on Nutmeg was dope...but I like The Grain verse too.

    Tony Starks make the narc's dogs bark
    With the Benz parked
    Up against the boulevard
    Starks had the bone sparked
    One cop tapped the window glass
    Like a cymbal crash,
    "What the fuck son! You trying to break glass?"
    He flashed his badge,
    "License and registrations"
    At that moment
    His fat partner started chasin'
    Chicken heads they was racing wit' they hearts pacin'
    For snatching gold
    Trying' to dip into the god's basement
    Our location
    Lead steel shed spread
    Cracked shorty head
    Left sweetie there for dead
    Ghetto poodles
    Fingers sticky from cheese doodles
    Starving' for a 50 cent bag of Oodles and Noodles
    Neighborhood sick wit' it
    Clinton 'bout to cut WIC
    Maybe one ya'll rich rap niggas need to politic
    Reach for the sky
    They throw bleach in your eye
    Don't teach you why
    You be keeping 'em high
    Dipped like an Oreo cookie
    In cold milk, bold silk
    Gold-filled cap, Wu wear hat,
    Low tilt
    True Islamic
    We speak verbal rhyme phonics
    Why ya'll trying to change this hip hop to technotronics?

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