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Thread: Bizarre info thread

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    Ismail sharif, emperor of morocco had 867 children with 2,000 concubines. It's considered the record for most offspring.

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    The toxic lady
    On February 19, 1994 Gloria Ramirez was brought to the ER of a California hospital. ER workers noticed a strange smell coming from her mouth, and when they started to take blood, they noticed a smell similar to ammonia. Almost immediately following her admission to the hospital, three of the workers began to show signs of illness. During the night, 23 people in the ER became sick. Some believe that Ramirez was the cause of the widespread illness. She was undergoing treatment for cancer at the time, and was also self medicating, which might have contributed to the bizarre toxicity. Ramirez passed away the next day. An extensive autopsy and forensic examination revealed no conclusive evidence.

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