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Thread: True Detective Season 2 (6/21)

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    I like it. Had me on edge, though. It seemed like th whole thing was a suicide mission from the start. I felt bad for all the cops that died. I felt sadness at the end. Season 1 had a great ending.

    I'll check out Season 3.
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    The third season may have been my favorite.

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    1-3-2. Season 2 was such a disaster/letdown. 3 brought it back to the elements. Peace

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    interesting. for me its


    one, for all the obvious reasons. truly is a uniquely good one of a kind crime show that i doubt will ever happen again. season 1 that is. anything with heavy King in Yellow references is bound for greatness lolz.

    season 2 took a little bit but the soundtrack set the mood perfectly, just like the first season. indeed it was a bit slow but i think that added to everything, the acting, music and scenery shots carried it through the beginning. while watching it i remember telling my gf. this story is so sloppy but it works because all of the characters are each so very sloppy themselves. pretty sad ending, Collin Ferrel's whole situation was sad tbh, not as taut as 1 but i appreciate wanting to do something different.

    its tough to follow up what Woody and Matthew did on 1 but Vince and Collin were the right guys for the job. all four top caliber actors.

    season 3 was just way too hard to get through. the acting was no where near the caliber of the previous seasons, in fact it kind of... sucked. and i think writer/director tried too hard to go back to the occultism of season 1 due to the mixed reviews of season 2. and i wasnt buying it at all. in fact the whole memory loss, needing to re remember shit actually pissed me off. i trudged to get through that season and didnt really enjoy it in the least. music sucked too and was lacking, not really there much at all if i recall correctly. they also got away from the beautiful scenery shots and pretty buildups of everything that was going on sonically and aesthetically. was nowhere near as tight and thrilling. in fact i became very apathetic towards the show and characters as the episodes progressed.

    i see they are coming out with a season 4.... not written by the creator, whom did the first 3 seasons, Nic Pizzolatto. i will probably watch it but i see it becoming butchered. especially in the climate of todays america. instead of two dude detectives it appears to have Jodie Foster as the lead (whom i cant stand) and im assuming some other chick. looks like Johnny Depp's hot as daughter Lily Rose is in it and like i said she is hot but eh who knows, i could be trippin and she is in some other show, i thought i saw her. heres this montage of footage from upcoming HBO Max shows i found you can see some of jodie fosters stupid face in. really doesnt look too bad but... thats how they rope you in.

    and then they start feeding you bugs.

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