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Thread: It would be nice if some of you diversified your learning pallet

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    TSA makes a good point. It's really tough to do this, I often find trying to learn things I actually want to learn to be a bit of a chore. It's not like it's impossible to learn a new skill or gain a new perspective, but we are creatures of habit, so it literally has to be a sustained effort. Some people have a natural personality that's always searching for something new, but most people stay in their lane.

    I think it's worth doing, I occasionally make an effort to do something new or out of my comfort zone, but not enough.

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    I always enjoy hearing someone who is am expert on a subject, actually share their knowledge on it. But there are too many so called expert's that you have to be guarded at times. One of the problems with internet/social media age. The more obscure the topic the better, for me.

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