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Thread: anyone jump in

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    Irreversible collateral damage
    Fistic ravage of cartel torture footage
    Vicious straight-rights/uppercuts take flight
    Never needed no hook like Shaq
    Crack heads so they won't slip thru cracks
    My legend is your Will Smith concussion
    Smith & Wesson hits with impeccable precision
    Capital punishment execution chamber injections
    Perforate veins like vultures do remains of slain
    Bloody mist, solemn cries of Schindler's List
    Barrels in throats deep as submarine periscopes
    Rifle snout blows fire out the nostrils
    Rivals in dire need of mobile surgical hospitals
    Angela Bassett exhales on gun smoke trails
    Lives cease on their tracks before RZA was derailed
    Splattered brain matter due to spattered cadavers

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    brain brackets mole crickets spit wicked
    trick e'm like a swat teams hired by a corrupt regime
    switch schemes like business plans
    post more permissions then attendings can handle
    i got bars sharp as a scapel
    making cuts thru brain cavities a normal activity
    whimsical demands be bad adminstration commands
    cant tell me to do more when you do less
    read less, watch more tv
    I'm a turn these post from Twitter to X
    like Elon Musk before he pulls up
    gotta derail these tracks
    living in the city of god
    i deal with allot street fights
    todays your final fight
    or I'm have to mad gear gang
    I'm take your game like House MD
    and GO!!! PRO!!!
    Chop your head off on some steps
    ​make an angle outta it like pro wrestling

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    Foes widows turned pros hoes
    Gynecology MD how I get in pussies
    Big Poppa as Biggie when I leave coochies juicy
    Cock Robert Wadlow hypertrophy
    One-man gangbang too unholy for Billy Graham
    No Viagra demands, erections on command
    Noah's ark all timber wood after dark
    Jim hats magnum when I come to bat
    Thief in search of slit treasures, vagina vulture
    Punani cavities invaded ravenously
    Pistol whip ladies bits tender lips
    Cream clits, sperm whale Moby dick
    Randy johnson type of vastly big unit
    Ample hammer size of broom handles
    Jennifer Lopez petrified of my anaconda
    Mexican libido voracious as barracudas

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    Mcz big actz swated like a masquito, commatosis people pierced by the dripping media novacane needle, beware my underground dope shit blasting thru ya, no maneuver, I'm that good manuer, bitches love to smell, after I luer her, from my ghostly charm, mcz can't come close to me after reading from the book of shadows in the addict with a bomb, verbal hurtful purple tongue, body's of wack heads lie in circles rotting in the sun, the hermit plotting ya out come drinking til it's done, witches got me real sprung, no intelligence left in my head or muscle on my bone but I'll smash you to kingdom come, bring them gunz, I'm a love lost hopeless romantic that feels up dead bitches with cum, plague Poetry come get some, Holocaust radiation, clouding the last of the sun, Christ met the St in the hollow woods where the spirits loved to run, violent valley times very vulgar but fun, you're frozen like a sculpture or deer in head lights when the dead prophet comes, shutter island event horizon sing along, if you haven't noticed I lost it and beyond on one...

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    Pristine horizons tainted
    Enmities escalated after venom injected
    Filthy needles hepatitis C maladies
    Schizophrenia self-fulfilled prophecies
    Semi-autonomous indigenous curses
    Conflicts morphed to humanitarian crisis
    Totalitarian rulers of forgotten kingdoms
    Waywardly witches wicked wanton
    Boston marathon bombs clenched palms
    Hiroshima nuclear radiation exposure
    Tortured features violent by nature
    Fractured architecture gargoyle sculptures
    Book of Revelation apocalyptic scriptures
    Supernatural sources of infinite evil
    Sinead O'Connor suicide thoughts
    Open caskets inundated with teardrops


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