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Thread: anyone jump in

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    Creations fascinate paint landscapes catch a faint snap of the brush dip we crushed shit IÂ’m just here g pluckin strummin my fuss strings then verbally buss tings. Crossing thru the life pipe seemingly for something. Stomach the deep chuff of the stuff true to my functions.
    Situations strike my experience as it pangs a bit of insecurity in ma eyes while trying to examine the add substract maths of it. Believe it I been pissed why clothe it such a dominant sentiment it went unoticed
    but f it main message to keep on steppin n stay progressive like a beginning middle end look at me meddlin in the wind. Facial muscles allow a grin when that sweet so n so would sing

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    Murderer on mic due to John Rambo psyche
    Frankenstein brain too monstrous too be tamed
    Igor imagination, fiendish soul pumps poison
    Vile visions HIV moisten, incoherent perceptions
    Nefarious heart, menacin’ master of dark arts
    Ill-omened artillery in my cold-blooded artistry
    Sadistic life where immeasurable violence is rife
    Vast bloodshed of Matthysse-Molina at StubHub
    Callous boss like Tony Montana in Babylon club
    Hideous thoughts when mind turns murderous
    Big cat like Bengal when I mangle rivals’ mandibles
    Jesus’ crucifix blood drips from corroded icepicks
    Imperfect surgeries of free clinics’ hysterectomies
    Bone fragments out skin apparent, pain imminent
    Craniums saturated by plasma, grey matter data
    Graveyard plot logs, Christopher Duntsch dialogue

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    Super dupe great the cape slays gravity as time waits magically we bind right with the baddest beats. Catch it clean at a three count timing balance and speed bouts ya frail as loud as u shout get derailed by my boundless accounts. On top while you’re shocked by a jack in the box yes boss I been at loss coz my rapping’s been off look I know about fronting while feeling tragic n soft hard to show em what’s what with D2 receptors cut off.
    Yep trust that trust issue truffle rap bust as twin shipment when flippant with pen or phone gripping efficient. 90th minute winner swiftness up in this with a 60 yard dash grimace practicing for match fitness score a double brace like an ace from two nil down and we’re snatching it-this soul had bathed in the art and was craving to blast sever a snake in the grass while at the very least ya set to see a thieving arm in a cast

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    Rowdy Rob Zombie devil’s reject
    666 wicked dialect, warped intellect
    Vile acumen ripe for contamination
    Fetid aptitude baptized by pollution
    Disgraced dignity of wanton criminals
    Omen kid evil, residential killer in serial
    Decimated areas, Night Stalker hysteria
    Hectic environment of narcotic warrants
    Imminent high threat level to CIA agents
    Recalcitrant student turned irate militant
    So easy to lose focus, paranoia psychosis
    Grisly wet dreams of Chlamydia vaccines
    Harvest baskets of biodegradable caskets
    Not Benny but I too run with sharp blades
    Smokin’ grenades, blaze raze all barricades
    Seared metal will cut down surgeon general

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    Shame in a nigga heart make trigger spark
    Impale a heart dart Imbedded in shark
    Bladder marked trade shitty we gritty no pity like the Pat's we cut player's slayers of head raider's
    Got em twisted like head braiders
    Tree's I'm toking potent potential to gut Cha open in charge searge has spoken backs broken as we arrived
    In business suits gats in black boots sick in the head shooters shoot your top prospects to prosper over terrain brain eating monster contraband contra
    On the city hit list thumbs up for dropping the illest scripts since
    Scarface leave your jaw caged
    And wired head fired rapidly
    By rapids trapped backwards
    Body battered by a remorseless bastard every style has a hazard
    Mastered force from the North
    Star shining like blood diamonds
    Cut a cop bring the mop for his leaking top watch me grow like a crop

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    Odious thoughts of off-duty rogue cops
    Lawlessness like the jungles of Darien Gap
    Drunken sexual attacks at Marine barracks
    Venomous lakes of Medusa siblings’ snakes
    Vampire vile reflections, salacious salutations
    Wholesale corruption, repulsive revelations
    Abomination injection, detestation eruption
    Judge Dredd despotic orders, plaster mortars
    Preeminent anger of frail tortured dissenters
    Vehement intent of bear arms manufacturers
    Desultory scenes, dope fiends detox dreams
    Zero fear, National Guard officers in riot gear
    Slugs take flight like airstrikes on military sites
    Crime-ridden city cruelties of Phenix City Story
    Vast bloodshed of low-budget slasher movies
    Murder intent of Brazil’s policy of shoot-to-kill

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    Buss right back at ya stack of rap trash 16 bar sprint it’s a 16 bar sprint ting umm rinsing. Pussys get popped like Pringles for biting deplete ya health bar til the game over restart then reblast at ya faculty tragically boot thru the barricade and ransack the stage as cams snap the fate. Land crack a face and fans clap with praise

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    Impending doom after ingesting them shrooms vested troubles came first n were quickly unearthed. New issues birthed kicked ma sanity to the curb oh but love kept The I from furthering my swerve through off road turf. Having a Midday perv seems I never learn got my dick out for the daily web search looking at dirt. yeah its still picture but shes being a flirt.
    Words placed sequential and torrential in a storm the hi hats sprinkled keep the sentences warm I pounce. Under the moon my nightlife’s just about; me, my pillow, and the shadows, the sheep i count

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