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    Miss Beautiful flop. searching for that cubicle rock. swallowing man-juice like it's lychee rubicon watch..or don't! she must be ratty from the come down of coke..diss the king pin? verbal swords through you coat get caught by the throat. its rawcore apply cords til u choke. are u dreaming? This fucking dolly's knee deep in semen from which u need weening I'm grieving...For all the babies in your neck back. u give head wop outside civil marriage wedlock you're dead Rock..AK bullets to head top the feds clocked. we're both freaks in this but fruck it..I'll nut in your weetabix! !!!

    No legs to walk It off

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    you got beef, tea and crumpet boy?

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    Are you still running with a fearless posse of 14 year olds?

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    Not anymore. One of them roofied my sister

    on a serious note...what are u talking about?
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    Quote Originally Posted by beautifulcock View Post
    you got beef, tea and crumpet boy?
    something real sour about you. makes me wanna leave the Corp spend my hours in mountain dew. your a name in yellow font so no idea about what u amounted to but ill discount the truth and make it free: in a weird way I'm proud u of u why? Because u tell it like it is. or at least how it is in your mind but I'm really feeling like at any moment you'll be telling me watch your behind. sick porn flick chicks giving u dick fits.. n the real life ones u encounter giving u 'prick knits' I know u live this. disrespekin Charles Jones when he's probably from a lineage of princes. I digress pardon this mind mess. vent your stress elsewhere yeah Samaritans they'll care

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    D.Projectile, something, something, something audiophile pedophile. something, something, something thong song with something green-mile dvd piles.

    You up

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