One of the tricky things in modern days about Oracles is they too frequently get conflated with 'predictions' -

Can the stars predict the future?
Can tarot cards predict the future?
Can the I Ching predict the future?
Can a palm reader predict the future?
Can a crystal ball predict the future?

Predicting the future is a sexy idea - it suggests being able to capitalize on a situation -

And just like anything else, if you can sell somebody the idea that you are able to provide them insight that will allow them to capitalize on their future, you will prolly stand to gain from it -

(Unless your prediction of the future consists of the fortune-seeker having to put in work for their gain - people tend to not enjoy the recommendation that they will need to work - let alone work hard!)

Trying to trace back models of how this absurd situation emerged: my assumption is that at some point, people who were not good at interpreting Oracles started doing it anyway for some sort of financial reward -

So you end up with a situation where the outcome of the Oracle consultation remains (some sort of 'advice' or 'prediction'), but the foundational understanding of the Oracle is gone -

Also - the Oracle reader is given a pretty hefty amount of power over the person seeking advice / insight -


FORTUNE SEEKER: "Here have my money - now, tell me what will happen in my future!"

FORTUNE TELLER: "OK - according to the stars, it looks like you should avoid the color red - does this resonate with anything in your life?"



Is anybody having healthy interactions with Oracles these days?

Holla -