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Thread: ⛧Satan's Lair⛧

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    someone should dose dr. patel with lsd and see what happens lol

    then we'll see whos really crazy
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    the greatest show on earth

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    Look at me Satans child...
    Born of evil thus defiled...
    Brought to life through Satanic birth...
    Raised in Hell to live on Earth...

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    ⛧love you all⛧


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    Default ⛧sexy beast⛧

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    dr. patel, under my spell, the "professional" without any real experience and self proclaimed "sinister man"

    fuck your harmful pharmaceutical worthless garbage and depressing psych wards that deprive patients of occupying their brains with interesting distractions. just complete boredom...rotting in a cell telling you you're crazy when you're being lied to

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