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Thread: My vote is for Pete Buttigieg

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    Default My vote is for Pete Buttigieg

    Please get to know him, he's a great person.


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    your just voting for him cos he has Butt, in his surname.

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    pete buttblug? you're voting for him cause he takes it in the pooper? gotcha

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    The demoKKKrat candidates are all a bunch of creeps and communists. LOL. Sometimes I wonder if they are purposely trying to lose the election. They can't possibly be this fucking out of touch with reality. If you think you are going to win over independents with reparations from a bunch of people who never owned slaves paid to a bunch of spoiled people who never were slaves, or that I'm going to vote for you because you're offering me transexual abortions which isn't even fucking possible, then you are either trolling me or mentally ill or both.

    Over 40% of blacks in South Bend are living below the poverty line and one of Mayor Pete's officers just shot a black man. This bottom boy soy boy creep can't even manage a small town, let alone the country. Fucking weirdos.

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