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Thread: Try to battle projectillogic

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    Cool Try to battle projectillogic

    I've made my intentions to battle clear.... Someone go first if they dare hahaha

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    you want to do this son?

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    you want to do this son?

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    Your momma don't drive a Cadillac, tah! you know we murder inch like ahhhh! get your third eye open like Ra! this rasatafrian stay on the rock like ska!!!!!


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    Nigga we ride in Ferraris plus I'm old school like ataris
    I've been writing sick rhymes since the 90s On safaris
    Like I'm in the army I straight attack niggas forever and I'm sorry
    I'm better and charming plus I'm slick like the rims On a sick ass harly
    The rate at which I open my 3rd eye I to some can be very alarming
    I'm always baked like desert cake for a rave plus I'm the star of the party
    I raise the grade great /Compared to me yall still playing with your barbies
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    trillogic you are losing your hair at an alarming rate

    is it your pills?

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    Sorry. I shouldnt butt in

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    better do another minoxidil remix son

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    Are mods taking the fuckin piss?! Whats with the profile pic?

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    you want to watch mods take a piss? is that a fetish of yours?

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    Nah. I thought most people on the forum would be familar with the phrase despite what I assume is an american majority

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baby Face Nelson View Post
    Sorry. I shouldnt butt in
    this right there

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