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    Default U-Turn

    Win a game seldom,
    My manz in a cell that is too close to hell,
    May the pain overwhelm him,
    Only thing he left was his name to his children,
    Shit made me laugh when his chain almost killed him,
    Dawg you aint to blame,
    Know this game got us reeled in,
    Used to have agents arranged at the Hilton,
    Used to have a chain and a Range , till it chilled him
    Now he just survive off the pain that was built in,
    I stay strong for him, later on aside for him
    Cuz he a wild niggah, it get odd for him
    So pray to God for him like #metoo
    Lotta niggaz eat food
    Though I ain't tryna hear shit during reboot
    I'm thugged out on this muthafuckin beat too
    I'm concious but I like to smoke weed too
    Rather complex
    On the armrest like a Vietnam vet
    It stays on
    from my fitted to my nike checkz

    Keep a mask like Halloween on dog
    Olive Green Maserati Warlord
    The Ghost of Mordor
    Hit the safe
    And take more off
    that was the endtro
    is it enough?
    Or is more hid in the temple
    yearz later, it wouldn't take a toll on my mental
    now I move wit animal instincts where I'm from
    you can tell when some shit stink
    Nigga hussle hard
    wear your clothes a week in a row
    And fuck with a bitch pink
    Catch me in something fast
    with something stashed
    puffin on something
    cuz I know don't nothing last
    fly now, blow later on em
    hoppin out with the louie shoe
    little bits of gator on em
    You'd pop a bottle if you'd made it on em
    tell them niggaz you cant lose
    And dont move if the weight is on him
    and tell my niggaz in jail if the gate is on em

    Blown so I'm too high
    Roll when the crew live
    Benz or the Beamer niggah

    Steel in the HooRide
    Raised in a place
    We was taught how to shoot the five
    Buck 90 somethin niggah
    I can make a coupe fly,
    Hood till the day I die
    Good with the way I ride
    2 gunz, 1 knife
    Shit I'm tryna stay a live 50 on the ngac bottle
    blowing on a sixty piece
    If rap don't work
    Mothafucka I done been a beast
    barf code on the Dutch
    when I gotta hit the leaf
    Been up two yearz straight
    dog I don't get to sleep
    I ain't complain when it was skane money
    I complained when it became money
    take it out one hand
    put it in the next hand its the same money
    learn the game when you playing it
    Dame when you J'ing it
    and listen to what I say when I'm sayin it,
    Moist artists don't aim at the painting
    Judging Saints and Angels.

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    ill...that work...

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