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Thread: The Mansion Mafia

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    Default living conditions [for 1.19.19 now]

    ...so I be locked into them lottery numbers, deposit them
    five to six digits for now with one comma sitting
    how we living together and ain't made decisions together
    how our money's s'posed to mix when we ain't in business together
    see, what you got for me for today? israel, am I real
    or not, a bitch laughed in my face before I made her feel
    the bar massacre, each delivery of my bars masculine
    eleven six, eleven fifteen to two one five massacres
    conflicting news reports changed the time up to non-accurate
    look, stop with the nonsense, my coup de grace been racking up
    the feast for the birds to eat from bones of quite a carnage
    paradise done went down into flames, good luck defautling
    point breeze done got lit up, ask caesar what's been up
    I ain't finished yet until every last nigga here git up
    on the words I construct my nine to eleven inchess
    to fit brick-shit houses' ducts as odes to nine eleven victims...
    you know how a whitie called nine one one on the final thoughts
    of that nigga's brains blown out his skull by the police force
    you know the course u.s. been on, the tour de force u.n.'s been on
    my laws enforced divorce them, since I'm the source of their phenom
    I'm working out the details, when I lock into one nineteen
    of nineteen, the living conditions'd be set to oblige me...

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    Default day 699

    ...ay look, you tell me what happened...me, I'm just stacking evidence
    whatever's evident renting too much space like tenements
    in my cerebrum to cerebellum, no sentimentals
    and I ain't got my chest poking out for pinning metals
    on-the-date-of-is-when...then I go back over details
    only thing adding up in y'all heads is wholesale to retail
    so what I did is how I live, and whom I send is what you get
    and that's got, if you get that, then get this: I wants my shit
    who wants to see me repeating the first grade eleven times
    the first time was the last time, repeated 9th grade a second time
    that's 9 once and once, that can be nine one and one
    or two 9's, I graduated 1990 bumped
    back a year from my class of '89 peers, seventy-one
    babies though, but the sum of all fears is when I'm a' come
    hades though I rearranged from shade given to rid of me
    a heartbeat away from listening to me wu't niggas be
    I'd make pang juan submit to a truce with sun bin
    as I stained the lingerie of lingering w8men
    the day came, the r.a.m. and wu'd have to settle discrepencies
    fillies should know, but the wu' men ain't ever for-real dealt with me...
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    Default sept. 11

    ...now, september means the seventh month in latin, so which craft is
    you into, since they taught you to spell in english class
    you simple, niggas don't know the half? naw, you just play dumb
    acting like an ass, your elders said wait 'til the day comes
    used to wading in the water and swinging low for chariots
    coming forth to carry 'em, pray to christ of nazareth
    and wu't I'm saying's don't make me out as the antonym
    the image you had projected gave power to manson then
    I was shot down, roman polanski's wife was stabbed to death
    I'm born again, been fixed on helter skelter ever since
    and the beatles summoned lucy up, killer bees buzzed me up
    I rumbled the wu'ether, end result, tzu-wu bloodied up
    and bloods trying to tell me how to move and what to do
    and at first I wanted all of their beds at funerals
    but I know the nature of the game is that closet shit
    even though he claim to protest that demonic stamp
    his face inked with, let's face this shit, I should just body him
    the case dismissed, the cold basket case is my moniker
    by the time he read this it's too late for the wack's shit
    I flood the airwaves with substance, abuse their track lists
    tracey'ng my silhouette to be a global strategist
    lucyferian agenda lose and fear my catalyst
    my 20/20 vision back again, too much candy crush
    but I duked shit without a doctor's visit, candy guts
    what I pump and then rupture in, only when I command
    will my phalllus ejaculate life in the w8mb of man...

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    Default the picture crop

    ...the code truth be the cold truth, I was an old youth
    been tired of trial, who would I have spoke to
    I don't owe you, I don't know you, I'm alive's what I done told you
    you let your borders be crossed, I'm not a hug, I won't hold you
    the w8mb was supposed to open, and I was supposed to go in
    but guess what, them lips remained sewed up, cold fronts to no end
    notice I got no ends, I post in cyberspace, what's outer space
    is anything effecting surface areas, so I'm in space
    overheads they didn't get, in my head's been where I lived
    but one wrong move from a jew done got israel in debt
    to bring me out here in-the-flesh, but I said "reserect my dick!"
    they can think I'm obsessed with sex, nevertheless I hit
    every bunker, hiding space, or safe house, there's no way out
    how they beg's by saying "say an amount," there's no pay-out
    that's big enough, but give it up, just because it's what niggas want
    to be led by the merciless tyranny of this savant
    I'm beyond the picture crop, my time beyond tic and toc
    my farm harvest a different crop, missing persons enriched the top
    soil, I tried warning you, now I'm boiling the skin off mortal men
    my conception's an immaculate cleansing to be born again
    I compartmentalized inner-conflict, wasn't torn within
    I been known who I was past the sin of skin I'm adorned within
    niggers castration-stuffed necks decorative tree ornanents
    the only means in which niggas fed up to beseech ordnence
    to go against their stockholm-syndromed ass mannerisms
    the metal cocked to beat bloodclots to brain annerisms
    eleven thirty on-the-dot, no heaven-send, that ethers caught
    in my command chain, and I demand He'll reign through resistant tarp
    my brain's search engine sharp, go ogle mah dik and riddle me this
    how bloods pressured past the cuts to their wrists to think of me as
    the subservant, but naw, you heard it wrong, I'm the submerger
    sue wu't ever you wanted from my city? I'd have you murdered
    you was quick on ya' ten toes to cop ya' pleas right to me though
    six-nine's when I was put down, I sprout through your trap-doors peepholes
    nine trey is when I e.t.s.'d, two-seven bypassed e.m.s.
    2-4's what I forever repped, jupiter born to reserect
    movie two thousand and one, south philly's been my movie set...
    ...fade to black...no way in/out from the black whole...to be cont'd...

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    Default all in

    ...they finding more mildewed bodies in houses across the city
    the news some bram stoker horrifying cost of living
    what's y'all decision, my inc cartridge and pen target a victim
    plural, I in-house produce my sound-off, calling out "sick 'em"
    the dog whistle, bloods, sha' cum to me just because I breathe
    if it's a war, solidified soldiers is all I breed
    south philly all I'm repping, and west philly are my brethren
    but for vs all to eat right, south philly all I'm left with
    between vs north philly I'd contest with 'til they breathless
    and lost they wind, and hands extend in friendship, no paramedic
    trips anymore, and southwest receiving the word that I'm on
    some for-real shit, with for-real deaths, ask why, pick any cause
    I rise in the fall, many more bodies to come, and sunni nuff
    as if saudis'll come, but this all black philly mob's moving up
    be in g'town to west oaklane, worked logan's streets to mount airy
    back to olney, somebody mouthed off now bodied, so now fear me
    if nothing else, you bump your chests, I address your heart and lungs quick
    south philly's notorious for me being who they come up with
    you bumped ya' heads, I don't know where you brain went, or which stainless
    steel stained more pavement, life don't confuse those who made it make sense
    as hustlers do, and vs brothers known to muscle it through
    the tunnels to prove that our war been meaning something to you
    effecting your moves, we branch to northeast and to frankford
    to check up on dudes from the neck up, I'm the one you can bank on
    now who's all in for-real, nine twenty-five the fallen for-real
    three months ago, to save any of your lives, who you calling for-real...

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    Default the whole '19

    ...alright, where should I begin....u gon' hand me the whole '19
    or what, begin to end, curriculum the whole wide screen
    ...the whole time being that all I'm seeing
    is one eye closed and one eye seeing as-if all eye seeing
    but look, the eyes snot means your eyes not far removed
    from r.e.m., and what your eyelid is is what I got
    because you can't see past what I got, it's no hypoth-
    esis, my word is all I got to manifest raw shit with
    so I revert back to ant christ of the 1-9 a.v.e.
    that's the end, '19 is sewed up right there, h-a-d-ees
    january, february I'm 48, first 48
    thirteenth to fifteenth of june '68 once more I state
    march onto war, dumb bitch snapped, didn't want me to call it off
    con, you lucky you called me before I killed you all
    april, can be the name of a dame who verberates
    to anything I say, we came correct as I stood in her face
    come what may, wells fargo gonna' give me a free car
    and in june, chase manhattan's bank's what we gon' eat on
    between vs, the drill music's how much I'm gonna' kill you, shit
    july comes, I'll have you trained to piss same way in which you shit
    august I put adolf hitler on, that's my nigga for life
    from the sui side, that's the south side philly p.a. for life
    cooking the pigs from the rooter to the tooter in september
    october's a month full of hunted hundreds who ain't protected
    between me and me', a meme of mee-mee and me 'bout to have sex
    her sh8pe into november would suggest, lol's the invited guest
    my size to catch up to nine-eleven, and by december
    like deja vu of the prior december that I had hemmed up
    but even more potent strength I'll keep you all posted with
    the verbatim fans quoting of me that I post and print
    this not even the half of my '19 itinerary
    I flatten earth my every step, turn it to my penna.tentiary
    hollatosis, my killer breath turns it to my cemetary
    figure of speech disfigure men, women, whoever 'gainst me...
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    Default picked the crop

    ...so exactly, I got their boltholes as-if I'm cocked in their buttholes
    I never undastood their fascination with being cuckolds
    you see how they done got too close to me, too close for comfort
    how does it feel to go from being the hunters to the hunted
    u.s. trump'd and that's my card to play, they played too much with sorcery
    considering the source is me, their misfortune's enormous grief
    hegelian dialectic's why prodigy's life was took
    ritualistic by gem matriac means how a life gets booked
    but ay, I kidnap english, it's been anguish on a nigga's voice
    contradictory cobwebs entangle a nigga's choice
    I'm closer to the onion field, a bay of pigs roast to a grill
    made of a pit, no luau, just a grave between coasts to be filled
    I'm waiting for their levees to break, the water on their brains
    ain't enough, they need water to log the whole of their remains
    I pick the crop, I get the drop on whomever I pick to drop
    jew high-pollutin' pussies do not get the watch, I shit ju' not
    so desperate now to reset the rigs not to reject my script
    I keep my laughter on the inside, hope not to fracture my ribs
    I'll keep the pressure on the phila. streets as homicide increase
    to a mountainous peak, andes and everest could not compete
    all I wanted was to breathe not somewhere that put on airs for me
    future carnage to walk on to reach the top's what are stares to me
    no way at all to prepare for me, just remain in prayer to see
    your way through to a safe room, I don't care to be a mere belief...

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    Default acorns crackin'...the park

    ...as I said, there's no way in and no way out from the black whole
    no way in or out for any outsidevs, that's de facto
    I snapped a picture of the mark, revolved back to my picture crop
    since katt williams mouth came at where I coming from, his breaths are short
    but right now, that's besides the point, is the game still truced up with meek
    as I seen teef went and put hands on rich the kid's petite physique
    while in los angeles, I backed him up since niggas acting up
    and don't know how to act, no performing arts class can adjust
    to how we be in the building, everybody else blood and crip
    but I made sure my philly franchise taylor-dipped, the black outfit
    I'm wearing that, my killers so prepared to wrap who dare to rap
    without a filter, directed to vs, gets beheaded for plaques
    I am not stopping, never off-topic, being nice when I have you fit coffins
    money connects about to realize I left none of my children to be orphans
    and acorns crack in the park when you walk on 'em, applied pressure to the punk's noggin
    as you might've guessed, I cannot be bargained with at all whatsoever, you fresh out options
    what's a nuclear missile warhead mean to you, it means you're done, doesn't mean you're through
    to any next level on beanie sigel's head whenever I drop him underneath the pews
    that I-have-a-dream speech ain't shit but a boule' talking point, your white ass a roast
    just because your jew "zionists" put you in my business space, all you'll own is white ash and toast...
    ...the terms upon which I'll be seen no outsidevs can have input
    about, to realize a dream, I only slept nine months then was
    cut out abdomen muscles, a saint agnes conundrum being
    how I was brought into being via accurate gumption
    6.69 on my headstone f I had one, I was ashed up
    cremated, to rise from the ash with not much of a hastle
    I'm lincoln up with soldiers in the field scoring big on the grid
    and I'll conquer the liii, by pressing the world's weight on the riggers...
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    Default the wall

    ...imprisonment deliberate, insignificant insignia
    to my position, calcified my intuition, still be up
    beyond the nyquil kicking in, who's putting up the wallpaper
    who's indigenous and who's visitors, how's that a tall statement
    I'm only here for my chosen people, that's the raw nature
    and my discrimination's beyond any crimes based on hatred
    borderlines made of pantylines, you born naked, clothes on later
    now brain densities the fences, see, defenseless when closed on later
    a.c. to d.c. electricity reversed, the cancer cells
    what I came to kill, since heel-heal's me, how's the answer feel
    beyond the 69 cancer spells...the wall's what you walked into
    partitians, live-in office space to fall into, my call went through
    the eagles landed to defeat the banter, I'll keep it candid
    as I conquer the liii single-handed, the peeple's mandate
    you never scene it cumming, I cornered the queens' orbital beings
    whoever seen me cum then, offspring is the stream offered to eat
    y'all in the deep parts of the pool, floating in your own bowel move-
    ment until the moment of truth, don't come to me now with "how've you
    been?"...just cum to my dick, indeed I'm ignorant as bliss
    the role given me to play out into death's infinite abyss...
    ...and the world just couldn't wait for u.s. to get it...
    ...and the u.s. just couldn't wait for you simps to get me...
    ...revelation 3 verse 9, see if them jews convince me
    I been a.c., jokes aside, this philly's backyard you pitched in
    so vs brothers coming to possess all parts of your business
    and then route with jew back to the apple cart's connections...
    [to be cont'd.]

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    Default mr.smith

    ...exactly...mr. smith been the true hero of the matrix movies
    and the c13arence be the true essence to enforce the movement
    my queens cousin peachy soliloquied the virgin rose
    the day after the queens nyc nightsky was embroiled
    in a blue light, heard it was a transformer, very next day
    I hit a.c. set for d.c. in the same very next take
    such irony, I thought about the two thousand block of ellsworth
    bumpy johnson, extracting D. from jews' global net worked
    to entrap any parts of GOD, as a fact that'll cost jew all
    possessive nouns, and as I walk it off, the map I walk you off
    any plea bargain's not a bargain, you freefall below the margin
    I recognize hearts, some beats need fibulators for a start-kit
    my body of work speaks for itself, I'm keeping mm
    is the word, I heard of a few mummers the grim reaper sunk
    into a corner pocket, noone can afford to mock vs
    plain as day, mumia abu jamal shook your chakras
    we know his innocence, but in a sense, fuck the coppers
    whose fingerpaint's on homicides of colors bronz to copper
    to forest chocklate, the bird box now how I'm gon' off them
    catarax caucasoids, no blindfold is ever pardoned
    the difference between 315 and 351
    is 36, between '17 and '18 recorded hits
    the body count on infidelphia in philadelphia
    in the keystone state be swelling as I'm getting healthier
    the cornerstone of your profit, if you got cents, tuck the coppers
    'cause I ain't got the good sense I was born with, clarovoyance
    faded as I aged, but I never swayed from my ways of the sage
    why's lucyfer damn-near begging me to make my way to the stage?
    ...what it has to do with is promoting me as ain't-I-christ
    if you see how I flipped that script of those who would not grant my price
    ...and I can't stand for pants saggin niggas standing at all
    a violent-times massacre, dying with ya' hands on the wall
    I run the game through the wringer, same shit applies as was before
    ...mister smith didn't get to live past fourty-one and one oh one
    days before I became the end result for what's to come...
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    Default conquering the liii

    ...well, I'm a' deal with jew two yorkers, who seen the light at astoria
    I've been on the mic's ass long enough to bore into all his ducks
    I position the eagles simply to post up the scorpion
    masquerading as a lion, when adolf hitler' born again
    in that leo slot since seventy-two, my nigga's grandfather
    was my very first barber, they knew him as track, for race horses
    put the cape on me, always cut my sideburns off, that was oldhead
    when taper cuts were only 5 dollar bills, I would go there
    21st street right offa' reed, very well-known facility
    now if you bear with me, chicago, take the el to victory
    some other time, take this L and smoke with me some other time
    I'm conquering the liii to summerize winter to summer time
    jew kabbalists might want all this to look like they're behind the mind
    of great thinkers such as I, israel said make shit monetized
    he'd be a class act if the bitches' breaths were sodomized
    with my lifeforce out of my lightening rod, won't spare the rod
    to spoil the child, I see how the pide piper fights the charges
    against him, but see I'm above your lawless law that's flawed
    you dumb black bitches take that nigga to court, I'll play the part
    of the pide piper my own self to zero in on your faults
    mind control, believe it or not, I zerod in on your thoughts
    my own bloods feeling my word play, I mean what I talk
    any false charges put on my name will be settled in court
    gestures to the best misses I'd hit as the streets been the court
    our featured artist getting back on his feet, we're sending off
    snail slugs taking their time to find the marks to end them all
    pay me more than attention and respect then when I'm called
    on, how philly goes allah hu akbar and bis mi allah...

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    Default 1.6.10|1.6.19

    ...this is a memo to you, chase the shark, aka wiley griffin
    claim that you're a bipolar nigga, move wrong and your life's over nigga
    get the picture, I warned you enough when you was simon-peter
    to feed my lamb and feed my sheep, but you ain't seen what I see, thus
    to try to raise cain on me, such a consequence be cons' sequence
    between vs, your neck is a road map I tread tire cleats on
    to see vs, stop trying to predict my streets' facial features
    a lot of niggas died since your mouth been in a race to beat me
    a lot of crabs and slobs stuck in lucyfer's baby pin seeking
    the outdoor wilderness, I been had a seal on their deep breathing
    my southpaw diligence keeping my household islamic seeming
    but those of the middle east I'm not claiming as of my semen
    chase, I could shovel earth on you, I was unearthed to work on it
    I bet you your own life I killed you many times before, honest
    you act like that bitch michele' nostradamus, I say you are him
    you brought up the gunplay, me as the christ was your only warning
    I'm past a retard when it comes to leaving limbs detatched and found
    in baby food, the dog food, crocodile shit, don't "relax" me now
    the bloods rushing to accompany my function, where I come from
    getting ahead with my cousins, you lunch, you munch where I cum from
    I'm tony c. from the point breeze epicenter of south phila.
    body bag a la carte you nigga, fuck with vs, you'll be dinner
    and I'm all about s.p.o.rts., and as the ball's now in my court, I brought
    back the focus to my quotes from my church cds, how long I taught
    the same catalogue I built up from oh five into twenty-twelve
    for ears to just catch on, since I broke your hymen now, you can't tell
    metaphoric or literal, mike or michele, which is it punk
    al-hajj malik al-shabaaz lives...but you do not know you was
    and you done chose what you done chose around me...that was to show
    the-fuck off, like some rodeo clown, speak now what you know
    that I'm coming for what's above your shoulders and below your chin
    philly was on-point to call bari your son...what do you call him?
    your saving grace? go ahead call him then, he can't save you from me
    I'm abel to rise from the depths of He'll, there's no savior but me
    you called me mad in your quatrains, I'm realer than crazy, yah'mean
    and from now on, do not try to predict anything into being
    or next thing you gon' see is your blood and guts poured on the cement...

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    Default discharge

    ...alright, how is it that golden tate's going to the golden state
    with desert eagles packed in the suitcase, jew know the road I'd take
    seeing that put to my face so blatant, what's the risk jew take
    when I paved the way and protect every move that my crew make
    my bloods stream to reserect me ain't yet at all get to me
    but if I scene it, then it's no sweat to me, won't let 'em breathe
    in open air, that's the best I can do, and I go from there
    racing to resurrect past my own dick when the hoes appear
    and every unmentionable act she succumbs to between us too
    and if israel tells about me having sex, then he's dust too
    the discharge my drill erupts to will flush jew to the sess pool
    boilng, such a hot mess jew engorged in from your best moves
    and the saints gonna' give vs the game just because I say to
    nigga mighta' thought his beef's eighty-sixed, but he remains food
    and I'm a' beat the false charges, and st. nich' is my own project
    so gods stuck, and when I come back to my old school, I'm no-nonsense
    my brother leem received the drop-off, now I'm to receive the top
    from some former diva-attitudes adjusting by my out-
    come...I drew the breeze to impact new orleans with a crash
    course on how I'm a' leave the world for refusing to back off
    now if bloods not in a rush to impress me after this feat
    more dismemberments of theirs can be found where seagulls eat
    I'm not in-hiding, double-u, t.c.'s where you can find me
    eleven sixty three was built on the lot where I was found by
    nine eleven dialed up about three years and two months after
    nine eleven speed-dial froze, crackers are crack-ups, no laughter
    on the movie set it's all-action...cinematography
    never captured, and it's no rapping...unless you one of vs
    who know how to wrap the whole act up....and where I'm coming from
    is the triumphant push as back-up...to back off sullen crumbs...
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    1.13X19 su: jew just put an end to this thread. so jew like to go against my word, when I said that the saints were going to give the game to me. the date now sealed is 1.4.20. gods word [me] is perfect, cont'd. jew done made your choice for you, israel.
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