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Thread: The Mansion Mafia

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    Default nostradamus is pussy to me

    ...any last words? you need a smoke? all that I'm a' say
    to white callers phoning me up wanting my real estate
    these are sacred grounds for quaranteen purposes, exorcism
    the mic' is choked up, I kleck-klack on him, tough tittie syndrome
    micha'el shoulda' came to me sincerely, wiley asking
    what he do next, and I gave him the answer, while he stabbing
    himself in the back trying to backstab me to postage-stamp me
    as one of them bills you never open 'til the debt stampedes
    you into a paste', once you ask me, don't then try to move
    contrary to that to prove you can do this on your own
    volition...this is where archangel michael is at with me
    the obamanation from malik al-hajj shabazz's sacrilege
    boston and newark rallied up a hit team, never asking me
    why they shouldn't kill him, mark of cain, shoulda' saved his ass for me
    even lucyfer knows better, the pastorius street hit
    didn't go down, I called it off, just hold him hostage 'til I catch
    up to the nigga, michel nostrodamus can't tell who God is
    all that pussy do is steal off then try to alter my shit
    now it's a tough man competition, luc' whispered in my ear too
    now it's a walkman competition, walk you down to your grave's tomb
    what I build on a rock is due to being killed with a rock, just my thoughts
    leaking, spilled, are you not peter? don't deny me your life
    I am not here to be predicted, I put fear in your contenance
    compromise to my movie set, I'll depopulate continents
    bring it to chase manhattan's competence, anybody who is
    in business with this nigga...should I feel sorry for you when
    I rabbit-ear every pocket of his and do to him and his
    some ugly shit, every connect of his best to disconnect
    and bring michelle to me, tender-ass quivering-ass bitch's
    lip service and text fingers I knot up, to tie this in with
    the f.o.p. being picked off in mid-sentences at
    press conferences, my best offer to keep the u.s. in tact...

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    Default 100+ dead cops

    ...okay, now let me show who I am with one hundred bodies
    add one hundred more and so on, every one the police
    I'm setting this up, the u.s. gon' take this ass whipping
    or get nuclear lightbulbs screwed into they lamp fixtures
    the m.a.d. on m.a.d., understand this later
    I have this country surrounded by the armies of phantasia
    that's going to ensure there's no backlash u.s. can employ
    on vs, as we take the time out do the things we enjoy
    such as massacring law enforcement, I as Allah/ALL-LAW endorse this
    this can be a perpetual event that there's no recourse to
    apparently, or your boy trump can talk like he has sense
    before the whole population of the u.s. is past tense
    going against the dragon, whose ahead be sun tzu-to-ghengis
    and contrarily, the black whole I was shat from out, they're anuses
    behind is baphomet, mine is what uranus is
    time is just a' wasting here, I remained a square, still your reign is dead
    but "you know I gotta' kill him, right?" mighta' been what luci' said
    so let's go about it, we can end him at the end of this...

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    Default u going this route

    ...alright blood, that's your boy tacoshi sixty-nine
    I was put down six thirteen nineteen sixty-nine
    no ese was ever writ' in nor essay ever written
    how I was murdered, born again, then raised around my killers...
    so you call out soo woo to who? me, the tzu-wu
    and the wu' go soo, blood, I never mixed the two crews
    the wu'tang dance? who was philly dancing to? it was me
    bitches so stuck up, now their pussies can't get down from my tree
    reserect my dick, you not c.'ing me, wasn't hard to see
    my flow have fishes dancing to breathe, how I part the sea
    walk to africa, see what happens to a child molestor
    when my aim's accurate, my obomination's obamanation's
    code's disasterous, the mess I am's your messiah now
    do the math of it, I subtract you if you're a scab to me
    we not the lost angeles, you need to give the game to vs
    we always plant our feet somewhere deep in your anuses
    wherever we touch down at, the scrimmage line is your finished line
    you racing now to cop a plea, the wack niggas finished now
    our bars on-par with bullet riddles how you're left riddled 'bout
    how the-fuck I came out ya' mouth to run back up in ya' mouth
    vs philly niggas not playing, minds are not wired the same
    who you think you talking to, the feds musta' wired ya' frame
    the mm don't snitch, the block parties got mmers parades
    moving on route to puncture a slave, fold bodies in graves
    I came up around serial killers posting corners
    medicinal ad-libs, no prescript', just living lawless
    or so it seemed, but Allah governs all around the 5th
    philly brothas, ask about vs niggas, we're right where you're left
    so go 'head talk about vs nigga', you might catch ya' breath
    no colorful sets, just a war drobe buttoned tight on ya' neck
    I ain't ever need a gun to be a gun, you see me, run
    your lips at our own expense, and yes, I'd receive the funds
    go however far u can to see how real my sentences
    are before you find how unforgiving my death sentence is
    we can sit at the counter, I'll be the counter terrorist
    every loaf to every crumb is for me and my delegates
    every toast is a job well done, smoke the rotisseries
    just know, if you wanna' box GOD, your fists left fingerless
    if we doing this for rec', we still doing this to death
    I ain't doing this to be like or liked nor for the rep'
    any truancy as I'm schooling the pupils to the view
    there's no blind-as-a-bat excuse a dingbat can pursue
    bloods been TRYING to rise from these street cracks for about two
    decades at least, the 5th seal been cracked, but I'll seal ya' teeth
    wanna' be like me, you gotta' die blood, if you around vs
    you won't make it out alive, bloodclot, the game is petrified
    if bey's with me, we gon' see how I shake down every slime
    who crossed the line, as me and my own blood family bond
    I'm from S.P., one of three members of the locks on u.s. all
    the breeze, fire, and earth, just add water and you'z got a war...
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    Default line it up

    ...now it's about the time for the battery to reassess
    the colorful dress codes they commensed to press to they breasts
    now you got a left coast representive so tentative
    to seize a moment, he couldn't conceive such a predator
    me, I'm so ahead of him, I been yawning and stretching since
    september of two thousand sixteen, don't know what they messing with
    what you call the wardrobe in your closet if I'm blessing it
    holy, right, see-thru, spirits lifted from their hemmorage
    shit's now being lined-up as he would say, he want a fade
    I got a cape and razor blade, might not think he deserve a face
    there's only but so much long-winded shit a leaf can take
    before leaving, he trying to branch off, his limbs need a break
    a rake taking half of his weight, his state ate off half of his plate
    before a meal even was placed on the dish, I mean what I state
    the stakes is too high for the fake mirage coming out of his face
    the mm don't snitch, dude can pitch a bitch, and I'll bat her face
    for the cake, I'll batter his skeleton to marzipan
    he want a fair one? mm, you don't say, I'm on it fam'
    south philly rocking hollywood out, cancel d.'s wedding plans
    I bought a black suit for a funeral, not to wed this man
    to anything white or not our culture, d.o.'ing for self
    black brothers and black mothers unified, but suit ya'self
    because if gods not on it now, shiii, I'll shoot myself
    l.o.l., the cross in a casket how I cruised to he'll
    every cowboy with a mouth gon' find out they ain't in dallas
    this 245 over here, the god biz' needed a challenge
    packed light, routed out, sewed dallas up in his travels
    and I want it all, so god's getting wv down with the raffle
    wack's shit being destroyed, podcasts looking baffled
    I take my time with it, exactly what am I getting
    I can give you the details, or I can paint a broad's picture
    I can do as the romans do or give a long lecture
    instead I drawn out a long ledger, the consequence is
    matched up to the cons sequence, then vs brothers will start collecting
    the bookies you can call vs, you gambled and lost it all, chump
    I'm godfather allah, against that you'll never be bossed up
    and I ain't making this all up as if fabricating my cloth up
    from polyester, your common sense should of let you know y'all fucked
    yourselves...now the scabs can show themselves, bloods calling me out
    I'll show 'em he'll, rally with tone luv for dough to knead out
    treach's fire backfired on, jersey can give their arsenal
    to me, I'm a retired armed force being all I can be
    the wack niggas alive because these black bitches vibe with me none
    I need my dick hard and the miss jaw just bobbi'n these nuts
    lucy is just floored by my honesty, I'm honestly nuts
    I couldn't care less about lying to these bystanders none
    thinking I'm nice just gives me to nyc, and my name t.o.n.y.c.
    acronym by lucky luciano black during some heist
    now what that mean if philly's still archaic about this
    anybody can die here off a whim, since counting me out this
    the wack's shit remains intact 'til they figure this out quick
    the battery's mine, assembly line got mee and me 'bout this...
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    Default day 504 [one day before 5.4.18]

    ...I go down to south philly to hem all sports arenas up
    because it's s.p.o.rts., my team is vs, the court of laws's the streets we up
    in, those who beared witness to me from a baby on up
    recollect, my reserection is a bet, ladies on hush
    I run the game through the wringer, I'm the newclear holycost
    maka is my hiroshima, believers are not known to talk
    read a verse, read a thread, and then research my catalogue
    not talking outta' my ass when I regurgitate analogue
    the fee-phi-pho-fum, honed on yakub and the beans talk
    I teach y'all folks suh'm 'bout the home I'm keeping the thieves off
    judgement day being only days away, notice the years I labored
    I didn't just show up on the scene today, I been forsaken
    I still move the pen, push the keys, and achieve degrees the breeze
    enamored me with since brains left and pools of blood sat in the streets
    broad day many occasions, where the air has many abrasions
    no smiley-face, just one-eighty straight, refrigerator faces...

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    Default listen here, jac'

    ...brother, I don't know whether you want for me to die or live
    most of my young adult life expecting to die where I live
    that's not shit that I am not familiar with, but I'll tell you
    I'm in-the-flesh right now, and suicide's not what I'm feeling
    niggas casting spells of hate, in they feelings, how revealing
    there's no way I'm taking shit from any hating-ass giblet
    I already know what them words do, I'm from south philly
    and when I say that, it's meant to keep them grounds as my realty
    now, the meek shall inherit the earth is the theme that I'm working with
    and this the warriors movie, court's the streets, we works them shits
    and this the mmers parade, no minstrel, these are real niggas
    fought very hard to be here, let's be clear, these my real killas
    no feds, c.i.a., municipal law can touch me, trust me
    no comment section can stop my pension, duct-taped or ducking's
    what whoever be, thinking I'm a quack or that I'm a' crack
    just listen here, jac', I make the profit, you just getting scraps
    because fuck if my project is getting scrapped, the end of that
    conversation was six, four-two [equal to six] and 6, mister millionare fat
    murdered by...someone who most-likely derseved to die
    where was sam on the morning of six thirteen sixty-nine
    I mean, this be what is in my safe now, the silence is
    on when the violence is on, is miami blind to this
    I'm securing the maybach, a masquerade is not the mm
    I'm here for the big payback, I dictate, we cannot be friends
    jimmy the saint partnered up with freeway ricky ross
    the novel been out, we go to l.a., connect with raw
    diplomatic movers and shakers behind cinematic
    sequences the game's not adept to, to end the wack shit
    and what's tracey'ng itself back to me be notoriety
    every word of mine in the line-up, no identifying me
    1520 sedgewick suppressed me? gab'real's host
    1259, 2215, 2651
    my main addresses on that peninsula where I be from
    13X to the BX, yo africa, here we come...

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    Default day 511

    ...africa's life in danger, if you asking me to save the
    life of strangers, who the-hell's out to erase the pages
    of my diary for the dowry, I want the names of
    the culprits, cop a plea of peace, I'll entertain it
    over a bloody massacre, my story never had you in
    it, vs brothers have it in for all outside vs crashing in
    will never make it out alive, and never made into our
    storyline, and so you can slap your hip-hop with the charge
    my borderlines and rules because I defend against defining
    me at your own whim, not a soul besides my own designed me
    I protect my era with the death a' those who wanna' question
    what I ever been through, will I ever end you, oh no-question
    breathe wrong with my name in ya' mouth, I'll excavate your throat
    the G mayll been sent since oh nine, I vented in a toast
    comedians scared out of they wits to mention me in a roast
    am I sensitive, the mission is, the missing went unnoticed...

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    Default day 514

    ...now, it was nineteen ninety-five, cousin tee looked me in my eyes
    and set me off, it sent me off to find her father who been robbed
    of his life in eighty-three, stabbed to death on federal
    I got the news with G. and D. in the room, my sentinal
    mode kicked in, my sentry mode kicked in, my sensory
    perception dimmed, but my senses know the enemy
    she didn't know, she thought that her streets were etched in the book of life
    or suh'm, another me woulda' took her life for nothing
    the creed II movie being shot on the blocks where the bodies dropped
    between 2-7 and 2-4, the road would talk guns they copped
    a nigga gave a look like he was sad, next they making his shrine
    and I'm hearing 'bout how he was a good dude, by your standards or mine?
    the gunplay left niggas pleading for life waking me up at night
    look, I'm just a murder victim myself, raising me up, you might
    have had a chance to get your point of view across, but you was all
    about trying to snuff me yet again, now you owe me all
    of your children...and to think the wu'tang used to frequent
    the chekcpoints that were near me, and still I'd route for Philly
    a lot of damn good it did me, 'cause nobody knows how to fight
    for this reality's realty, rate of mortality's building
    so be it, you know me when you become what you owe me
    killing men, women and children is me going back to the old me...

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    Default day 520

    ...ay lucyfer, you'z a bitch, and by-the-way, happy birthday
    jews say israel just turned seventy, I say forty-seven
    allegedly, only I can make the profit, what it costs you
    is complete submission to me, there's no table the offer's on
    I am revelation 13X'D to 13Xfinity
    meghan's mark is a degenerate of u.k.'s demon kingdom
    satan's children, and the hybrid using us niggas I'm a' finish
    there will never be a common enemy with our enemy
    jews just gonna' have to see me, their flesh melts with boiling semen
    two seventy one days from that eclipse, and you think I'm a' just
    say I'll adjust, to adapt and assimilate to phasing out
    the quote unquote black race, the trade is cheese, the rat race
    these traitors lead, the cats pace about the congo to hem con up
    nigga, time's up, I'm on the deck, your card game ain't know the ledge
    I'm too close to declaring I ain't fuck a bitch in years
    I said reserect my dick, the church's ears ain't get the memo
    they wanna' see me, what they gonna' see first is my demos
    33 and one third rpm the instra-menstrual's tempo
    one third of these angels fell down to earth's most souled-out venue
    the world's host caesar nero done lost his pride once I zeroed
    in at thirteen minus thirteen, once I died like a hero
    shot to He'll, walked straight to the bridge of his nose, his tippy-toes
    he staid on, nowhere to hide from me at all, this simply shows
    how I am all-encompassing, the compass to your confidence
    the grace period, you doubt my strength and get left with your posture limp
    and flesh wounds vomitting, the last breath of air you nostrils spent
    shoulda' checked his speedometer, 'cause I'm a' show caes' why we met...

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    Would you be able to tone down your language a little? Otherwise I am enjoying the rhymes. Have you ever done a song about the LGBT community?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Give peace a chance View Post
    Would you be able to tone down your language a little? Otherwise I am enjoying the rhymes. Have you ever done a song about the LGBT community?
    ask lucyfer thee mother's host, a man, why I'm going so hard...and as far as lgbt, not only do I not condone that, but all of that is blasphemous to God's name, or to Gae' which is short for Gabriel the archangel of revelations, come as the living WORD, in-person.
    yeah, find me in the wtc building, post 9.11.01
    if you're an agent, you know wut time it is. as today [6.13x.18] is judgement day...

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    Default judgement day: the moment of truth:

    ...now, if nobody hears you screaming out, then why'd you want my demons out
    I see your mouth want my semen out, I'm the reason now
    philly streets been worth fiending 'bout, little leagues need teachers now
    but stray to any outside vs, won't survive vs sleeping loud
    the aerosolt 1961 paint the walls with deep quotes
    around the congo, I'm the philly exclusive product's baking soda
    how I was put down by the black outfit that I'm wearing
    I need no colorful remarks for executives to hear me
    ...the moment of truth is, that on this date forty-nine years
    ago, I was murdered, then I rose back up to define fear
    lucyfer's worst nightmare, he propositioned me from his baby crib
    "we can do this together!" he declared, like sex could grave me still
    as I'm seven, lucy's equality three-fold, the mother,daugh-
    ter, and the satin-mist silhouette out of a menstrual faucet
    and I'm about keeping my business straight, no gay jokes
    because gabriel my ghost is 13's ghost, I'm not ay joke
    from the 13th man, and the 13th heavens ruler
    to the 13th sentry, and the 13th amendment booster
    to 13X on friday the 13th X'd at 6.69
    so who's li'l nizzy to me, put down like how I was put down?
    yeah, well, if beys with me, blood, we gonna' see what it's gonna' be
    how I m.c., believe it or not, I breathe what you born to see..

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    Default [email protected]&&y, u can't stop vs [I'm seizing jersey's arsonal]:

    ...if I'm saying rottin' he'll my nigga, who the-fuck's that nigga to you
    you calling out philly killers? I been put the winepress to your crew
    rest in pieces to the rest of your crew if you that willing to prove
    we imaginary goons, swain couldn't spare you niggas the truth
    daylyt's where the original grapes juice is at, hear through the vine
    how real my shit is before being fermented to urns full of wine
    which ones of you pussies killed my youngin', I'm not bluffing 'bout
    anything you see from now on being why you punking out
    too late, now you gotta' man up, don't sit at the stand with a hand up
    pointing vs out as the ones who lit up all of your camp's grunts
    I walked through that last attempt by that punk-ass to plead for help
    he was too proud, left to bleed to death somewhere to reek a stcnch
    then hear you come with a speaker-phone mouth ten years down-the-line
    or so, against the tech-9 of wayne avenue, now my time
    being hell'd up is no longer an option, you pussies ain't tough
    at all, you stuck between a rock [nyc] and a hard place [phila.], that is all
    every time I called jersey out, you tried to show ya' card
    prah'ly how you got found cracked like eggs, more than a dozen gone
    and I ain't gotta' study shit about you peanut-brittle asses
    to know, if you bitches don't sit down when you piss, thats' ya' asses...

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    Default galileo galilei black [5.12.17]

    ...anthony b evil a.c. qua'rius, a cardinal
    rule, I guess was to suggest I be nefarius
    I used to wax the floors in the phila. archdiocese
    uncle fred got me that gig, I arrived there on time my guess
    when the three darts I flicked hit 2 and 15 on the bullseye
    in that classroom there, had me thinking I'm on-point now
    a decade later I declared that I am back at galilee
    a high scientist born 2.15 again to crush the vatican
    I don't know, I just know that since phila. never grasped me
    my own guerrilla tactics I'd have to use to bring action
    on my behalf, I been back at galilee ahead of the gods
    who trailed me upon my descension, born again'st the odds
    ressurected on the 5th planet before s.p. dude placed the tiles
    on the asphault from here to brazil where comcast sponsored trials
    of the olympics in two thousand sixteen, how I was baptized
    was in a pool of blood and a hail a gunfire that spiraled
    I guess I was supposed to die according to black brothers inc.
    I chose not to testify on a stand, instead I lived in their ranks
    and philadelphia became more mu'slim than it's ever been
    I'm realer than a matawan psych ward could dare to think
    now eye see couldn't follow protocol as to how now I be
    but sun bin 's work was found when I was c-sectioned out, i.c.
    had to give me a blood tranfusion since my blood I leaked
    soo wu'tever bloods talking now ain't ever get by me
    the disease trying to resurface to try ruining me plans
    when I cum clean, it's on pussies' pituitary glands
    D.s going ahead to marry into whites, brace for the impact
    I'll give him this chapter after a deep-space earth tissue crack
    gods not catching on must be, how I spelled the shit out for 'em
    and gods not shit if GOD's in the hands of whites to subdo 'em
    I'm day-in and day-out with it, as you now can tell
    I woulda' seen progress had gods shown any ounce of skill
    I already wrote I took manson's life, why ain't he dead yet
    oh, is he dead yet? this in advance then, see if god g.i.t. it
    as to why I'm back at galilee, population one
    was because philly couldn't protect itself from the flood
    the post nine-eleven set-up, the white jew banker funds
    so until philly comply with the shit I'm on, "phillydone"
    what I read on the p.a. license plate of two red niggas
    way back, and I fought, philly didn't, was too bed-ridden
    so galilee 2.15 is the trap on illuminati...
    combat on the two one five shit, what's real 'bout what u n i b...

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    Default pair a' dice

    ...so, you know what we gotta' do? we gotta' war...we got a war yet?
    we not getting the endorsements? I warned luc' I wasn't dormant
    the smallest way's an atom bomb, I brought shit back to adam down
    for seventeen years, walking off the rest, attempted manslaughter grounds
    four counts, my brother upchurch blessed with my message "welcome
    to the eternal dam nation" when the mail come, he ain't flinch none
    and that's that, if he's awoke, you can't take us for a joke
    that's all I know, luc' wanna' deal and wheel, 2-4's what I spoke
    what bonsall first is eden, step on a crack it's e.d.n.
    if brother wood' sees it, so be it, I let him do his thing
    and I ride around the hood doing whites in, every one in range
    and niggas be that deer in headlights, stuck, looking at me strange
    another vantage point, I play for keeps, wasn't born here to leave
    I'm rooted right here, no other definition of the breeze
    I tried to told harlem black, heavins gotta' come right and exact
    with me, I'll go another level if d. give whiteye our craft
    having me hand him over, that's some gangster shit to make me a lie
    I'll run thru the family tree, bloods all on my dick, I am allah
    whomever lucy promised seventy-two to, they all gonna' die
    at my hands, 'cause I ain't get one female to comply with my laws
    nigga' told the broad I'm all-tallk, that's your boy, the prospect muhammad
    if I don't get exactly what I want, he won't be made the profit
    warva busy laughing her ass off, 'cause I ain't spell that as prophet
    muhammad, he's dead meat to me if I ain't making the profit
    you not getting past The Father's pair a' dice to paradise
    I'm at where I'm at, respect the Sun's fareinheit, might spare ya' life
    you having a final conflict, the masonic lodge can't seam me
    mighta' been why I went schiz' after I stopped attending meetings
    and paying dues, I straid since the third degree of master mason
    and went rogue, lucy, don't go en vogue, get mines or butt-ass naked
    why'd you act deaf when I said we warring, I can't let it die
    she can trace' my outline with her tongue? still can't let ya' slide
    I'm dead serious, being a cold case doesn't make me
    the mystery god, 'cause you know that I know who baked me
    south philly was the oven, I would think nothing of it
    'cause everybody was with the dumb shit there beloved
    get a mouth full, mid-sentence, by them riotous dentists
    I am suspect O., dog, menace to society's sickness
    we down to the wire, original home of the warriors
    I'm puttin' you D. to asphyxiate your white sorceress
    cavalier acts against me get a papsmear, is that clear
    I entered the three-six chamber forty-eight years ago black, yeah
    since june twenty seventeen...
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