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Thread: The Mansion Mafia

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    Default wilson project

    ...paper or plastic, either you be having it or you a has-been
    the minds of folks is sick beyond aspirin, you asking them
    for arrows on a compass or azimuth, for directions
    to reach me, more than a scratch to ash you up, no connection
    to me other than my people, or The Father other than me
    try to whitewash vs, and you'll suffer waterboards poured when you breathe
    what the autopsy results made of your lungs is aquariums
    in days to come, fourty-seven's the age of this aquarius
    the oo babies turning 18 in '18, the number games
    being played by the hidden, for agricultural hunger games
    the forte' of big brother cain, I know his name, he's lois lane
    a lame-ass bitch to me, I'm super man, you know my name
    where I-95 crosses I-76, you know the lane
    route 1, city ave. to roosevelt boulevard, know the range
    my first time qualified as eagle-eye, forty-forty
    each silhouette I distorted, each shot group tight as a door key
    to a lock, and I'll be around on the blocks where blood, tears and sweat
    equity's the pay-off, my nigga adolf on jews' necks with ease
    and living a retired life as adam, his wife got 'em laughing
    he said he writing for her, her stand-up act I gotta' catch it
    and if beys with it, I'm tracking the responsible party
    to wilson park, and there's no telling on who depart 'em
    pussies wetting they panties up, I'm hugging their pantries
    for the cans and dry goods, and gutting out their candy stored
    apparent random acts of violence graphic as the arts crafted
    my lager keg flow is a powder keg though, a match-lit draft pick
    stay in formation having the projects on-lock like this our block
    my bloods shed done caught up to the black mafia, where's my aks
    they're with the ox, and who that is, the bullseye rasul allah
    and if he's to be that messenger for-real, then prove Allah
    been here in the physical as I myself, the ruler's hard
    when the warfare is waged, I measure every gape the w8men draws
    bunch up in plus the w8men jaws, I catch bodies, not getting caught
    the scorpion wants me, sue woos me, but tzu-wu's me, get it y'all...

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    Default day 635

    ...I put in my app' for the city in 1996...
    ..wasn't hired by the city 'til 1999...
    ...and it was a tuesday when I woke up to smokestacks
    not at all concerned about how I was involved...
    but now you'll know the choices you made was your own fault
    you go to your graves trying to tuck me into one vault
    called philly, it's the first place I'll prey on and the last place
    I'll prey for, minstrel, born light, melanin kicked-in with the black face...
    ...emmett till supports aleister crowley's vision though
    you niggas follow suit, rocafella's jay'hova shitted you
    money's missing his senses and morals ever since
    money mississippi left him dead via torture, simple
    the fate that he done chose way before he was born, you see
    shit carries on, you cannot blame God for your dormancy
    when the blueprint dropped, all of you flocking to stores
    to purchase your fates, look, I ain't gotta' keep stuck on just warning you
    the eternal dam nation's my stage of performance
    with three others sworn in via death, and Hell's just a warm-up to me
    my dick's the elevator shaft, the perps you never cared to grasp
    up to prosecute, those who tripped never made it back
    blame whoever cut their eyes at me and never gave me dap
    that was to kill me off, wasn't just meant to make me mad
    going about your daily lives, what is about to change your lives
    something about the way I rise, introspectives invert your eyes
    had no idea how hard I fight, obamanation's power-drives
    to destroy every living thing is just how hard I was denied...
    ...ay look, his words from my supply, to meet me on the other side
    I wet t-shirt-contest ya' breasts, you drop to tumble dry...
    ...you ain't had enough death as-of-yet, he speaks what all you thought
    too little too mahfuckin' late to love God with all your heart...
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    Default day 636 [no rap]

    ...we do not snitch here....there's no telling
    what's gon' happen to the next man who not buying what I'm selling 'em...
    ...this is no test here...this authentic
    every other zoo in the u.s. gotta' get papsmeared....
    there are no rats here...we're all mm'ers
    every block party strumming, indexes do the plucking
    a death wish if you want it, try discrediting my league with lies
    everybody gotta' die, side order of freedom fries
    the only truth here is I allone, let that sink in your head
    before I bust a matrix move, smash a sink with your head
    I can remove protection from you, then move the weapons
    through you, I'm no ordinary dude, I'm coo-coo
    no s.t.f.u's to shut up you, just a silent movie
    then comment sections getting checked every breath that you breathe
    yeah philly fronting on me, but I like those outsidevs
    even less, my bucket list drown every nose and mouth with
    every ounce of three-fourths of earth, spell shit out to teach y'all the verse
    the rest of ya' lives drinking every meal now to quench all ya' thirsts
    luc's cipher riggged shit, I '18-wheel it to turn you to roadkill
    if you ain't get it, shit you never been in will get even more killed
    had u been in the loop, to even be in the lo'op
    before even teething, from the root, you woulda' been seen the truth
    before learning english or how to talk, every thought been on mute
    keep my crew alive, every silhouette chalked is all you
    go for the click bait if you will, I'll deep sea fish in reverse
    deposit safe, heeve you in it, and a boat can be the hearse...

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    Default for 11.9.18

    ...nuclear holocaust formation....coulda' been prevented
    had you not denied seeing my face, philly with its deathwish
    for the world, the u.n. reps try to pry, get your countries ended
    I'm a' send the message, barack obama couldn't have dreamt this
    alone, but that's what he thinking, his moves fall out from my inkpen
    and cartridges, he's smart he thinks, but israel's non-submissive
    to my rule, until his current state becomes nuclear waste
    I ain't taking the blame, you take in snake to the glutes and the face
    there is no way to entertain a change in conversation tone
    over the phone, lucyfer tried the slick shit like his anus won't
    reveal that I been came, what I been saying to con as he's been warned
    is that we in a war, this false peace facade's nothing I'd ignore
    since you're all chiffoned and coutured up for males' waistlines below butts
    thinking I'd protect that, is your neck backed-up wih my own nut?
    the games people play too strange, casting couched just to gain loose change
    donald trump getting chumped, and the mass amounts just to praise hussein
    nevermind cosby, they want the r.a.m.'s israel, a black man
    to die at my own hands and be born again to their own cat' scan
    I'm a' take barabus out though, rape lucyfer's tabernacle
    with thirteeen inches of a staff, the roof of his palate spackled
    he's nervous looking for a bandwidth to s.o.s. his angst though
    I caught that, the bitches shoulda' known my rank on his camp though
    a race war's anticipated, it's a clock thing, race against time
    for jews, their eyes just a' watching our conduct, erasers test mines
    our conduct to conduct either a race war and/or nuclear
    to the nucleus, their white sheep dubius to knew-bians
    who never knew me then, acting new, be in the rear view seen 'em
    eating carbon monoxide, seeking Allah, when I'm God, eons
    went by, and these same niggas got the same shit stains in they denims
    from the last time I spared 'em from a wash-out, ain't shit change, did it...

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    Default the wills two fall

    ...did you catch that...look, my word never rescinds even since when
    I found I was Him...that was in '05, parameters spin
    a utopian fairy-tale out of thin air, prince of del air
    falling into the grand canyon, the pit, prison bid aired
    by media, bill dropped on a tier, listen, I hear
    you speaking of shit you shoulda' left alone, reason not clear
    you questioning me, next question'll be where's your next meal
    you let the system get away with this, nigga you dead...
    I'm left alone to fend, would rather not be here
    the fakeness is too intolerable, and that is not peace where
    I'm from, katt williams done ran out his mouth, I'm a' see him
    and raise the stakes on his fate just to see if you see me
    I'm belluimxnati philluimxnati killuimxnati bitch
    it's nobody but me coming to kill you just for kicks
    I post up in the wtc building just
    to show why the twin wtc buildings tripped
    and fell from the rigs, who the-hell tells but a snitch
    niggas who fell for the prison rules been nailed to each stitch
    israel now sweats to make it to see twenty-twenty
    thirteen years ago I warned him no funny money...

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    Default the holycostic tzu-nami

    now they say that the meek shall inherit the earth. I'm deep. lucyfer's feat were steps meant to discredit my birth. thirteen minus thirteen rendered me incapacitated. I rose up from an incinerator. congratulate me. niggas procastinated. white people emancipating them from the land they dedicated anthems to, cast away to the maritime laws. the banks banked everything on this. the thanks I got for fighting for my life was a snore fest.
    the 1-9 avenue be the ones now having to introduce me back onto the crime scene actually. almost forty-eight years deep into the eleventh hour, and dumb niggas still ain't see me. to be me, you dying. no rhyme nor reason, you treasonous bunch a' cowards. y'all could never be me or deceive me with the lion. he's the scorpion, eagle-eyed holocaustic tsunami extracted off of me, the holycostic tzu-nami. the elected anti-christ to me. I'm ain't-I-christ. the movie set compromised. my script still anti-iced, not on-the-rocks.
    I'm on-the-spot breaking down every out-of-place person trying to get in formation on my square and circle. I'll use do4self to extort and hearse you, do more than hurt you. they owe me their whole lives. at their hands is how I was murdered. israel couldn't contest it, gave me their names, then he went left. however long the jews wanna' keep the charade up, they desperate. I seen george bush signature on a document giving up dilapidated black neighborhoods to whites decades into the foreseeable future, dated 1974. who heard screams of a rooster and denied me three times before? hip-hop got you 'bout to die since you can't stand your own ground. I'll kill a blasphemous punk even if I can't stand my own town.
    now, you'd think I ought to stop repeating myself. I agree. but who's out to filibuster my word for eternity? so luc's cipher cannot have lucyfer. that's my piece of ass to do with as I wish. it takes a real b8tch to give me the vaginal canal. for capital the vow been between vs to have this. I draft the shit out. imbicels should've obeyed my commandments. if israel wanted to man-up, take this colonic, and don't hide behind philly thinking that I won't find ya'.
    benjamin netanyahu went to the same high school as kobe bryant, in cheltenham. I'm just looking at that from my open eyelids. how far am I from obvious? their key players around vs was to steal away for their nominee, obama, their commodore. solid, where's my reserection? philly kept not being mentioned. bari al-shabaaz did-you-say? my brother cain never met him. my brother's brains out his melon in front of his wife and children. he stepped to me. I left him breathing, then his son's name dissembled its true meaning. I'm over here being ant christ, not hiding shit, just surviving it. the 1-9 to '19's accomplishment now since all outsidevs insist I provide proof that I exist in the form of a super-duper terrorist, you got your wish. there's no way in and no way out from the black whole. niggas don't get that it's their assholes if they're assholes to me. I'd be the dickhead. you'd be the bed-ridden until you with fishheads stinking, done had a bit too much to drink when the salt water quenched you. to be cont'd.
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    Default I'm t.o.n.y.c./to nyc

    ...so they just closed the I-95 gap between philly and nyc
    and what date they open up on? nine twenty-four, twenty-eighteen?
    oh, okay...yeah, anyway, I'm to nyc, I'm tonyc
    you are the money on-the-line whenever I do shoot dice
    I just take notes on their approach to things, I notice things
    and fuck the know-the-ledge forum, the temple's where I show these things
    and I'm a' dilapidate all of temple university
    you cannot emasculate a tone, won't take to commercial breaks
    God is the most merciful of my being, it's pain to put up with
    you dumb niggas who done witnessed me being raised, you put up this
    jew-ju' bean barack, never knew me, but thought to make a meme
    of me as some kind of soft nut-ass perverted virgin
    you walk around, I plot on your lives every thought I'm wording
    I deservedly died, every one of my murderous versions
    now I'm thirteen minus thirteen, not to make a scene
    but I'm the living word in-the-flesh, and this is not a test
    I'm tonyc, I'm to nyc where I was lastly laid to rest
    muted when I tried to give philly me as the iheritance
    I just gotta' go for what I know, 'til me and con's toe-to-toe
    they can't do shit without me and got me at 6.69 don't ya' know
    what the-fuck that means, I'm revelation 13X, recess
    been over, I been told ya' to get over how you been my bitch
    israel, death doesn't mean shit to me, you asked for it
    eternally, for this fire I spit to be your bath water
    lucyano can shit bricks and build up a brick-shit house
    I'm forever on my shit now, will break a built bitch down
    as for the obscenities, the children born to us range from
    ancestors to parents and old peers, and thus ain't young
    nuclear bombs are guaranteed to come, and the day's just begun

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    Default bill will fall

    ...right, that title makes total sense, bill will fall
    on september 25th of '18, will bill fall...
    ...double-take stares filled with awe
    you never knew any better you would never form
    we'lcome to the terror tory, bury you for stepping on me
    sentiments from mars and venus, the earth's death enormous
    any blend of neopolitan empowers the nukes
    and any likes to my comments empower the truth
    the jew imposters know enough to push that agenda
    but who am I to know the bluff that israel himself is
    they try to have me in debt until they're indicted
    and filing for bankruptcy, and that's just my light work
    and electritions expecting a visit from trump today
    october second, I won't go for seconds. too late
    once you waste a second...

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    Default galilei's telescopes

    ...flat earthers leading the world into a prison in itself
    He'll is He will, my own will is the only hell in itself
    swim to russia from alaska, to the jersey beach from africa
    and I'm supposed to keep being beat in the head with backwards stuff
    my eyes are galile's telescopes, my well-developed notes
    full of more bars than the peniel can hold, but suh'm felons quote
    I'm a' break casino slots for what is owed me, this an audit
    my humble abode's a fort, the mote's dee'ware and skuylkill faucets
    now here comes black lightening, stopping nukes in mid-air with flare
    and slick talk, trump's new name is stumped, the prince of del air
    in the bind, I booked 'em, the phi-pho we're on that
    mark of the beast, on my name alone we're beyond that
    if beys' wit me, we gon' see , the jizz I bust on miss demean-
    ors, bloods rushing to my reserection, there's no intraven-
    ous means for saving a stain, I end shell's blues with a war
    to uplift my brother's spirits, yeah, they 'bout to fear all-law
    my dreams been chasing me to meet me in reality
    as the theme been finding me out to be your actuality
    I'm only coming for my people, not at all for the mix-ups
    they just want you dumb niggas to die with them, they can't fix what's
    already been done, internal damage, cosmetic make-up's
    a comet to the earths' face, welcome to eternal dam nation
    the jesuits can't stop me from commandeering their space ship
    no need for a pope, he volunteered his service to hades
    I calibrate my aim on salivating lame ducks, made it rain
    death to infidelphia instant for year twenty eighteen
    that's just vs on these streets for ya' monkey asses, you ask vs
    about funeral services increasing verses janazas
    my previous threads let u know I own the black outfit
    and philly exclusives' the only thing to come out with
    the forbidden fruit done turned to transgenders outting celebs
    and we be wherever celebs at tapping pockets for less
    so if the uzi drop at twenty-seven, then we in maryland's
    mansion dropping everything with breath to it in the vatican
    scramble then, the cracked shells been paperthin calcium
    treating 'em like mischievious night how I bashed 'em in
    I'm smart, I know why obama kept visiting masterman
    a wrap-up on me's a caccoon I ain't ever ask to den
    not asking then when extracting den, that's d., from inglorious
    jew bastidges, niggas ain't off the hook neither, ju's asked for this...

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    Default will bill fall

    ...archangel michael owes me a bucket list...
    ...and comcast don't know yet what its function is
    I've been fed-up and don't know yet what a luncheon is
    I want my money on my books is what-the-fuck it is
    I'm not the one playing the bench to let the others live
    I don't compromise for shit, y'all can suck a dick...
    ...death came yesterday from columbia
    the coffee pot, crack recipe, and corner hustlers
    weight provided by the smugglers, task jugglers
    junkies on the crash-dummy test, that's what you get
    and I want south philly back in south philly, that's a hard fact
    to swallow, my reserection 'bout to be the hard act
    to follow, I'm the dick in your son obama
    the down-low social club didn't want the drama
    the homocides bypassing trauma centers, I'm a' get 'em
    the jews pushing to move the real ju's into armageddon
    now it's 3 to 10 what jew done gave bill, and nbc
    went from channels 3 to 10 in philly, remember? deep
    so, and comcast from up the street merged nbc with them
    under revelation 3.9 acting like they rev. 3:10
    I klick-klack on their entire act until the final seen
    the alamo, them and the mexicans, stand off from my scenes
    shot on-site, I restore my movie set, main character's
    emanuel, my life's work covers the whole range that I was
    d.o.d.'ed and THEN d.o.b.'ed, and I need c.o.d.
    to play the game 'til the game's done, I'm wun with G.O.D.
    could the boule' be advisors to me the king of kings
    before I bruler them into a stain, see, here's the thing...
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    Default my address [day 669]

    ...yeah, you think you know what occured, but you ain't take the walk to learn
    and investigate what's bound to reoccur once you lost your turn
    and what my address is is to those voting me in this term
    if you believe we can achieve, positive outcomes for this firm
    I can represent you, just give me unburnt offerings, mocho
    to latte the coffee steam, full-b8dy and bold all for me...
    ...see, I been stating and repeating things, it's just like evidence
    presented in a judicial court to cement what's evident
    to twelve jurors, and I was number thirteen, when deliberations
    came, I was cut loose and went my own way from decisions
    made, whether in favor of the plaintiff or not, doctor lipshits
    got a c-section coming to him on-the-spot. how sadistic
    do you think I be, since louie cyph' sent me to run errands
    to find myself as some maniacal menace, lu' not renting
    any space in my head without being shredded every second
    I counted every step since 3 years-old? so I'm very mental
    everybody I killed I meant to, that's the thing I was into
    live by the sword thoygh, die by it, that's all in what I did too
    I know how to die, but how to live is some other shit though
    I don't see me in the mirror, if I live is some other shit though
    'cause a mirror can only show my image, which is not myself
    but a reflection of light, lucyferians survived by stealth
    I'm in reverse on that silver screen, I left what I right
    with my left hand though, horus stories streamed, you'd get what I write
    'cause the three sixes made you, you got deep issues maybe
    being born into sin is exactly that, picture satan
    every opportunity of a photoshoot, out to frame me
    look, I'm ain't-I-christ, I could give a fuck, a she ain't me
    ...so what occured between me and my bitch you ain't got wits
    to escape, and only I can save you, that's about it...

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    Default by the numbers

    ...it can be a new day, yeah, you know there's a few things
    that I'm a' need, a boost of confidence what's hell'd in confidence
    the noos is tied to necks, I'm the author of the movie script
    that you be in, shit can be air-tight, but the bitch knew me then
    and never moved me in, damn-near forty-eight years new to them
    the first forty-eight never clued 'em in, my killers moves depend
    on how I move the pen, between vs can we live together
    this war you set up for me was since forever, whatever
    a truce may be, the t.r.u.e.s. outsidevs have no idea about
    a rig just went off, but their fear showed me what they cared about
    today is ten nineteen, locked in with nine one one
    twenty-one days from today, eleven nine gon' come
    what if I said the outfit of don chali con gon' come
    I'll accept every murder charge and be damned if I'm gon' run
    look, I know how the game is played, who wanted to battle
    cassidy, and done set some dumb shit up that'll turn tragic
    everybody gotta' die on that side, bottom line
    their code of silence turned into a load of silent cries
    and that was two-thousand one, their space odysee obviously
    landed on the moon gang turf, and I heard nobody's screams
    them dumb-as-a-brick-ass bitch-ass niggas will never learn
    I'm the man upstairs who ain't got it all upstairs, in Hell's the burn
    I heard they scooped up ar-ab, they thinking the land's up for grabs
    israel, just let the broad know I'm for-real, and I'll handle that...
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    Default 11 dead, 6 wounded [day 690]

    ...alright, israel, I been locking in, it's six eleven a.m.
    on eleven sixteen of eighteen, them numbers help to pay rent
    eleven dead and six wounded was ten twenty-seven eighteen
    my reserection improving each pressure point set to date me
    'til I own the whole gregorian calendar, what else you got
    to sacrifice to me, nine eleven flipped to election slots
    when I call your name out, do not be suprised, be thankful I'm
    even letting you live another breath of life since all your lies
    set up in the attempt to conquer me, i.e. veci/christ
    routed in vesey and church, to end my life 'less I comply
    so look, what's a truce really look like, not to disconcert
    what the truth really look like, one voting booth to a hearse
    since u.s. is done for, I birth my nation up from
    the bones of domestic u.s. black slaves you run from
    the female done drowned her draws after I laid down the law
    beforehand she laughd me off, if I'm dogging her, she's all-four it
    being civilized never worked, demilitarized all your dirt
    by blocking me from all your worth, 'til a piece of shit's all you're worth
    nine twenty-five twenty-eighteen, I posted up, you notice what
    I mean when I said what I mean, no doubt that my blood's cold enough...
    [posted 11.6.18, 11:30 pm]
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    Default animal's drumkit

    what's contemporary when contempt's no rarity
    and you won't find a shortage of niggas too scared to read
    the signs, between the lines, but if gang signs signified's
    enough reason for niggas to tally black genocide
    then surely these niggas in denial like african fish
    the number thirteen rise, I breakout from arians' grip
    my thumbprints to animal's drumkit, muppets and puppets
    not cut from the same cloth as I'm r.i.p'd, so dearly beloved
    is what we call who attend services, the burials
    still not doing shit to bury truth, and urinals
    what a lame's gravesite turned into, I'm not holding you
    but if you read through all of my spizzit, kudos goes to you...
    now here it goes, the moment of truth encapsulated
    I bottle shit up, sit on my work 'til earths' gravitation-
    al pull to the Sun is so close, there's a seal between vs
    and the clean-up's a bloody period, that's the deal between us....
    [posted 6:29am]

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    Default on the strength

    ..juicy fruit's mtume came up right across the street
    from barret junior high, no grace was said over the weak
    every day a survival tactic, fuck cracking the books
    1983 the glasses cazels getting took
    beatdowns every day in either hallway by the crooks
    classrooms with busted lights and windows, teachers shook
    olhead bobby cook had the bat, told me to point out niggas
    cuzn' aundre had my back, told me he'd look out for me
    jeffrey oglesby put javon down with me in the yard
    we slapboxed a li'l bit, he liked my style, since then we boys
    jamal, ant, james, my guyanan boy sean
    my boy alex was puzzled by south philly decorum
    why niggas outta'-pocket trying a' dig in ya' pockets
    to withdraw, fuck deposits, then the law want composites
    one thing about s.p., they handled theirs in the streets
    in south philly high, barret niggas remembered me
    on the strength was respect just over the air we breathed
    suh'm in it over here, have niggas relate to heat
    the hate rearranged to be what s.p. became to be
    when we moved as one body mass outside of our beefs
    my nigga busta' raised the newspaper, said "we made it!"
    front page: south philly mob raided center city patrons
    I wrote a screenplay, my acting cousin fred gave me pointers
    critiqued my script as too violent for starters for an audience
    the nigga rome came to school with the cop's handcuffs on one wrist
    beat the shit out of the cops who tried to handuff him
    dame was leaning offa' the pancakes and syrup heavy
    had to be pulled out of the street, traffic swerving heavy
    just giving you the climate outside south philly high then
    swapping clothes and items, spectrum stadium their prime gem
    pay at the box office, get beat bloody, then leave hurridly
    inside the show, niggas thrown off levels, beat to burgundy
    south philly's whole m.o. was some domestic disturbance shit
    frustrations let out from what the black mafia's purpose been
    black thought told you the truth, that's what they used to do
    how to survive amongst the death's what they schooled me to..

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