Like who to like would would we hook up i would not mind would you care like i would walk away turn what would we talk about would you want this yes we see some everyday yes would there be so much but really one just like would there be one what do you do do you dress up we would we be lost my legs are getting heavier the gifts they wouldnt matter how we can see the little things like i want time to myself just to feel like would i be dressed up picking up or like hangin just yea just chillin now when i eat i want to sprint and run would she be that bomb yes yes just here who which which feels who like yea already trippin i got to be no the no picture but im in front why like it feels i dont know the next thing i would do yes i have to look around me w t f ? Oh yes to be this old we have to chill down yes if you want to hit me up sort of like the mail person we would hold hands go wherever but just be walking somewhere anyplace i would get tired but then do something else no we wouldnt fall we would walk away like what the would you trip yes when you see something about the present yes a lot has passed by how i will look yes it goes yes i want to be young again to grow older its like a peppermint doesnt that shit look bomb yes that peppermint would last it would stay i to go through some crazy shit yes it is dope it can never come back yes so forever that leather jacket forever whatever you wanted yes like a rush when you have too much alcohol yes going a whole lot of places where do we go i wouldn t be here yes i feel it but im still walking around yes to wake up and its gone you guys can tell me i to believe nasty no this upward ride im not taking off today yes all dressed up you look cool i shouldnt say anything but could it would it would you guys trip yea i be feeling it going to a lot of places do you be thinking of a lot of shit that time to myself to buy chips yes i would want a snack yes it is so how you feel when you rest would they count what its like to be that dude you do not want i feel i just drank some gatorade trippin floating in air yes i have landed yea i be feeling shit i would give you a hug and chocolates yes i know you dont feel me what about the ones that do whats up hello would you be thin you be lookin good whatever it was your hair or a wig that straight hair i believe i lost a championship to go somewhere like if you never stop yes behind a trash can my age at this age yes that pass out when you think about everything some still hit you are all bomb everything todo everything about you daydreaming like w t f that much it means so much how it feels