Will you be tall or a whatever height how will your hair be will it be bangs covering almost covering your face but not worth a fade growing sort of like a punk a punker yes but will some of your hair be dyed yes but you dont wear a lot of punker clothes some t shirts perhaps accessories belts pins logos jackets hoodies skater shoes or an old shoe where will you go dressed up yes you can wear dresses its like only you guys would know what to wear how will your style be like will will i see you somewhere were we that young your make up game over perfect just perfect like why do you dress that way yes i have seen you walk by how will they pics how do you take pics bomb the bombest like who do you like ? Let me oh what the will i send you a note yes it will be both young like is that where it starts slow then stop yes like if we leave like yes how your style is i think i ll be 17 forever yes i know i never dressed that way its like a crush buying things forever