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Thread: The three percent of earths new species of a b positive 3% blood is me

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    Default The three percent of earths new species of a b positive 3% blood is me

    The only universal blood type recipient known to man

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    Lee towers is my best friend on wutang clan he raps the most and me and the voices yeah right it was me named him beaner all they did was inside joke beavis and butthead beaner is the one that ranked up enough to go camping with the kids i quit boy scouts cuz it was gay beaner lee towers thats not yours thats not yours thats not yours thats not years i want cops like that fix the plant not any of you its just a feeling

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    Beaner smokes the fight the cigarette vest no it was a hat where you get to smoke hes sith

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    Alexes umbrella you hou fellaz getting it in the ass getting it in the ass he zones out during a speech drunk oboma obama obama obama im in a state close to wisconsin thanks to the gay mafias lessons someone comes out the closet like every two fucking seconds thats part of something big project trilligics seconds today they now all talk but there first name was project klazerall oops they goofed up one bong one slong one hat one now two numba too wasnt a sentence honer curage commitment i didnt give a shit that was the navys cores values hump the kitten they didnt know i was getting out it was the doctors idea not by own a commision

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    I just turned 34 that day i released that beast like a two hour flow called “projectillogic presents the birth of ai” and i snapshotted a 15 minute movie of it being rapped by me that inspired it bi one time bi curious that bug was not ai rhythm line one time from one other side sometimes the mods make edits ha ha ha lee towers once gets to drive

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    Hes my apprentice

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