The deepest pain yes to not be hit up who i believe i shouldnt hit them up its like being out late at night you see how lonely the streets are but then you see a girl cool to look like what would i hit them up you go inside a store lonely yes to not yes they dont come around you still like but i just might be trippin i should chill it hits so much i we i always think it yes then they leave and you re here by yourself how it hurts maybe im too fat maybe im too ugly if you trip i wont say it damn its like im a guy yes fucken trippin yes when a hangover hits and you want to throw up i should continue going to where i need to be its like yes i want some the macks a friend to just trip in 365 days i believe i can sleep outside yup what would she tell me me and the court i wish i can jump try to hit the rim but hit the backboard when the ball goes in like so many times and it still comes back its like the pole backboard rim still there it says so much i got to say bye sometimes i think i be talking a friend who is there yes we all speak even the stars in the sky and moon when its there the grass trees just posted hello hi would i be paid attention to ? Yes i be going crazy what if someone said what the fuck yea i know i try not to jock how you look i wonder why i always think it ok yes having to go crazy what you be saying crazy as cool as fuck you be listening like i cant wait having to continue pulling yes i have to go you are all beautiful yea i remember that deep house song yes i be this fool my name be this fool yes i am that person yes stuff i exhale yes i do not know but how does it feel how i stay quiet and trip to stay quiet yes falling asleep but you have left some shit there who be looking how it always looks what a trip yes its always there yea yes you are all would you girls be interested ?