trip trippin the fuck out calm all relaxed trippin just trippin out yes hello whats up what whats going on right here no dont it left tired as can be to yea lets throw a football far close close as f falling i i can t walk i getting up i can slowly get up i think i can jump through shit all high landing slow running a lot cuando llueve to pick it up going back up cars stop they go to take off spot hey so im it finished still like yea yes how air it takes sh yes making this no so lost i ve fallen like a thousand times i cant trying not to fall no no drink pretty far like i feel i do not think im when it ends it going it takes me far just looking around yes the stop sign in a few hours minutes what the i got to bounce but go like would crazy stuff going back falling asleep like i would is yes up as fuck yes how we travel slow we yield go up crazy like its up there where does it go to does it go up or it may go to different spots when trees be holding them yea yes to the head lost where the trying to step straight so faded leaning back falling forward beyond up all like that that area waking up t crossing streets store and shit would be faded all around back and right there the spot trippin no not at that age where at we where where we wanted to go yea there so yea right here to grub the spot the crazy signs and shit hitting more how we go home so long good bye yea faded faded beyond trying to hang yea ok gone beyond after the longest t no joke gone so far like walking a bridge trying to yea get up i have to say goodbye lates lates faded done whats up all sup dudes done done beyond will would them fools sup just right here it would be a trip beyond i would trip fuck hello chill crazy as yea faded to get back to it the corners more than we once thought image like i once trippin a crazy session what after faded as hanging out alright lates i have been wanting to speak in spanish anywhere far i should of tried to stay stuck and see it how it hits i would just trip stay quiet out in the grass what yes to this me saying all this sh on a chair like i feel i have fallen wherever we may be go to sleep right here trippin out we have to go trip and expect with my bags a run would be good until we get to that region to this tobacco rolled trippin on wherever this taking steps you see cars traffic to the left how we circuit by people to have fucked up great daft yrs i fucked up cool scattered rain drops yes out of nowhere and then leave it gets like we get all wet taken took that hour it would be like old edm music lost i can drive and trip out like yea trance when yes how it it has hit yes to go through and back like yea i want to go i to to pass out like asleep somewhere and just pass out lost i would be like lates yes as i go over freeway light yes how i wish this was another freeway to get to a place i do not feel a lot of pressure there nothing to do but hang out the whole road i can see how far i am yes you can see advertisements the radio with music i trip they see me i see them again like to have a good time i trip like its really a scene hills and homes you see i would go moonstruck with a fast highway you re in you trip it really is night rain what do you want food driving all over you would get lost where i miss this city i wish i was 24 again the roads the beer where do i have to go something to drink what you see on t v small stores too much how they put a tortilla flip good as fuck yes an early morning the radio stations yes i need to go to the store i think i ll faint faint sometimes lo que sea si al no olvidar nunca lo olvidara si a salir de la tienda si donde nos lleva un taxi mas viejo si la ciudad batty to be faded in Mexico whats up chillin getting faded its raining no it stopped its its cold as f trippin no not again i have put that away like i need to go over here this way hit to smell how will it go away following me fade going up a hill into to a place a far ass trip yes it takes a while oh yes we go like i enjoy to go soda food like so to chill hang faded waiting for more is it coming yet i yup i have to leave beyond faded im barely getting up going through oh yup yes a table yes smooth napkins going through soft drink having to go outside going back in the door outside to be home in 30 minutes to come back fade faded as f barely can walk smoking a blunt like how yes yup it lie i can just be do i do i need to know i had to slow stop hitting it leaving like yes about to like we hit long ass f far as i need being right here like w t f do i do yes i can lie down i to be going many wherever something is located i need to go yes buy get some cigars like they re like it converses it works no we dont need the checking the time faded like faded to articulate being where we think like i to get almost passed out no done lost it brings you up good like juice sick ass bubble gum bubble gum flavor what i need i want some bubble gum bubble gum bubble gum and shit no joke like would you want that yea right next to yes i can feel the hit how it it grows up i would be anywhere would they hit me up they have to i need to eat tacos somewhere yes the meat radishes salsa limes onion cilantro somewhere in whatever place no joke like we cant have enough no joke as great then coke the right taste then you assent still thinking of them of it just the flavor i feel i have drank some but no i feel this ish bomb bomb as i dont mind i need some sound i could studious wishing i was on the road how you pass a gang of places like you pass them but you need to still go yes like snacks candy bars to get to that zone to you you get there you cross you you cannot be away the city when you see all like its a part of Mexico como hablan i can barely ramble if you like to drink being in distant fields at many times of the day a smoothie or cold coffee sometimes when it comes it happens to be lucky would i hit it to like we smoke to yes i must be i i am not done being i to be no something but no so quick right left slo mo stuck oh watch out faded to turn another spot its dope but yes i to get a ride we get in we take off to arrive at a particular drop getting out like to joint the food the stores when you kick it and what a nice jot it is T m T J my whole life dope dope los caminos to cross back the time of day like we got to behave i have seen the finest ones i cant turn stepping over here im yes i have fallen to the floor no joke how it feels one day i will be fossil like how to wish i pull yes si when one comes like if i would live another ignorance it would be purple pink lights blue kind of like a cool water blue fog machine crazy crazy as how i would trip