When you receive it you open you can check you break it up when you put it into however it is you are going to always looking up we have been we have puffed we have had some good shit up and off how the high keeps going up like we spark i who is there the silence but sound again you talk to me i guess once in a while around like looking to cross what these sounds if you cannot count i cant but it is reggae influenced if you understand me aguas frescas trying not to fall in a packed space how the turn you can be tranquil not having to worry about stuff yes i just thought of bomb ass i really cannot wait like going somewhere to get a nice drink ice cold hibiscus flower water i would hydrate be hydrated the drink you a paper in mid air it gets it slowly leaves it starts taking off it it leaves how it goes it took off it has taken off there like what would i say stuck but something else when they arrive i would wake like i would have something else to drinks they hit too when you have a chance to you blaze you up an escalator going up slowly another part you didnt know of i just home watching t v seeing whats on shows the shows are funny i would just have to go to bed in the morning wake up damn yes i needed to be in school what to write in my journal not even close i to trippin trip it felt good the bell man i wish it didnt ring have just like im right here i yes all these places ways i enjoyed i enjoy but i hope you guys can find it a high but you re coming down cuz you have just eaten yes here right now whats up yes right just right here an in and out passing play the feeling of the cut yes this fool after you have taken a long ass walk and you re barely getting there when you get home ice cold something how it feels then does it roll down relax off flying someplace space i would look then leave would go back down i hope i make it when you come oh you want to pu i would see and trip on them on it i would need to leave some look freaked out right here just posted crazy crazy ass stuff like where what the would i need to yes not at that time the daytime light always so f n bright a trip home no like i do not no i do not have to take a mas i just want to get we all get so yes we re all done up gone where do we chi ill i wonder if one one day i dont know where to go this time but i think im going south yes a 2 hour drive when you see food but you get a smell billboards a freeway where to take me i would give it a hug i found out about you guys in school i still remember the page a cold frozen or refrigerated drink some of the dopest strongest really good a good somewhere where you at do we see you how we chill yes some people smoke and yes we cant wait to wake up imagine like we re 18 whatever we get to drink on a empty stomach no being over there i was lost saying so much it feels good it feels alright what to put together if you miss me you can see another page it would be cool like to go outside take a break from all this out just for a bit how it feels we me i am so i am so ready alone around plants that are old to go down how will it grow it was just in my pocket the highway a satellite can see here or scattered to be home a cup glass of beer or tequila to chill lay back would we meet my beer has finished i want to go over not just out of a grape swisher like a football that has been thrown so perfectly it hangs in the air all slo mo and ish only low with bass would someone catch it we have to jump i i been losing but i caught the ball slow slow and ish how many would one really want to how portable lighters go on when you have scored a touchdown but you want to keep running on rested days i must going inside i have to buy something i had a tape but now i put the radio like that book thats been there for a long ass time but its dope who made it up some coffee i see them every while i would trip sort of like dry something so light at first how we feel how when how we feel the bass yes at the bar like to pick or pull the time we go like we go somewhere in addition i would dip my pen come back to it but first perhaps gets some air fresh and cold like warm fresh sick nice spring day how they have fun where would i go should would calm listening an 80 s instrumental we can see yes who wouldnt i look like something how it looks present day would of chosen someone else yes kitchen ware yes i hear that music it hits me im not playing when you see a far ass road but your station how i wish i was there but i think its something cool like yes its crazy no good i know as laid back as when the sun sets i think i will have a robot cane he ll trip me out i ll be like w t f you re trippin crazed trippin ass fool outside in i have to look somewhere else no these fools are good at whatever age im completed yes perhaps the touch eyes hair height t f yes these orange lights will they ever come ? Yes eucalyptus on a cold day a hot day crisp i listen to music also right now hearing some Dance music i think i would be 20 80 30 80 will the tape fit ? yes so bench on a park bench who is going to want and mess with me would it be like cuz we talk ? Here trying to control everything that comes out saying whats up i would want to talk but whoever however it was formed here chill