Where like yes cold things melt this one is frozen how close are we I have to keep going yes it is hot as can outside why how does the map look that one like it it's been done I have to be where does this cold air come from does it melt like I need to get ice chillin these fools are insane they leave I think they re mad I got to leave but it's alright lates I hope this ice don't melt how I have to step crazy ass temperature I have finally reached the place I can call home yes I have walked through a lot of places finally yes to refresh it don't disappear there it's like you re outside of your home nothing but extremely warm air yes how you move in a place but then you can be somewhere else a day how streets look hey but how like you have to be good where do I go from here you must be true it's like school is there it's like just being here random a whole lot of stuff to be thinking of so much stuff to have books closed to books thrown at you it's like the wall has no paint to always be searching to look how they look who and when I will but I be oh how it feels being by myself that ride however we feel the oasis