Commandeer of world’s demise, devious snake eyes
Medusa charisma, Charlottesville nationalist agendas
Serpent fangs to Eve’s Adams apple, ravenous radical
Disregard for others callous demeanor of ISIS leaders
Satan descendant put on earth to cause hate/discontent
Mr. malignant, Frankenstein’s monster of past presidents
Andrew Jackson’s rage, OJ Simpson feral animal out cage
Millard Fillmore’s bigotry, racism runs in intolerant family
James Buchanan’s spite, malice spewed on presidential mic
Theodore Roosevelt’s self-aggrandizement, godly eminent
Richard Nixon’s paranoia, eager to start another Hiroshima
Bill Clinton’s lack of self-control and involuntary dishonesty
Imaginary integrity, bloodthirsty like Stockburn’s 6 deputies
Coy LaHood anarchy, oval office kamikaze soars turbulently
Destroyer of US presidency, King Henry II malicious monarchy
Fanatical disapproval for the rule of commendable principles
Fervent urges of lawlessness, rapid paces of missile launches
Grave warfare tactics ballistic rhetoric, self-destructive antics
David Duke racist, total opposite from Oskar in Schindler’s List
Autocratic inauguration was induction of despotic plantations
Horrific societal conditions, continuous clashes of civilizations
Atomic ambitions, aberrant actions due to bellicose disposition
Openly mendacious, clearly injudicious about opioid overdoses
Haughty hostile policies have set a new standard for negativity
Arrogance of Stephen Paddock, quick to convey crass thoughts
Discourteous reputation, blatant inability to manage emotions
Kenneth Bianchi strangler of peace, large snake like a Burmese
Hypersensitivity untempered by shame, nature of forest flames
Temperament mercurial, Lucifer unshackled from hell’s grapple
Contrarian personality of Nazi bullies, explicitly abuse authority
Mistreatment of executive powers, perverse old man deflowers
Universal humanitarian crisis creator, nuclear holocaust crusader
A curse, thinks he’s Soprano boss when he’s King Midas in reverse
Everything he touches turns to shit, he was ship captain on Titanic
Habeas corpus recourses, calamitous itineraries with no remorses
ICE routine raids, sounds of sinister siren serenades refuse to fade
Doggedly focused on bended knees instead of country’s calamities
SOBs disrespect flag, spit on faces of vets who ended in body bags
Get off chariot Ben-Hur, focus on all the firearm-related massacres
Prejudice ideology in bigot ammo, from Gilroy to Dayton to El Paso
Since he took office crackers felt empowered with morals devoured
Rosewood carnage carriers in search for Sylvester, disgust festered
Infinite hateful vernacular, biased tweets validate he’s KKK admirer
Train of thought derailment, perceptions of immigrants as peasants
Mexicanos bad hombres, send vagrants back before they transgress
Build wall across borders, no shorts like Rod Salka ardent supporters
Lower taxes for rich not poor, indigent matadors with pockets gored
Lavish trips when weather is nice to Bedminster, funded by taxpayers
Overtly insincere political speeches belong in 18 holes of golf courses
Privileged prim donna, acts like Porsha in Real Housewives of Atlanta
Has stormy relationship with Melania, reason he paid 130K for vagina
Circus clown leadership while in global conflict like Battle of Austerlitz
Belittles members of his own party, sheer animosity for James Comey
Immoral character is only reason he was quick to fire that FBI Director
He’s smeared without pap test, inappropriate ties to Russian interests
His inner circles colluded with abomination adversary to sway election
Inherited trait, most serious presidential malfeasance since Watergate
Dice rolled to snake eyes, many scores of easily disprovable public lies
Even Adrien Broner couldn’t solve this equation, walkin’ contradiction
Tongue of grenades, Puerto Ricans drink polluted H2O so he stops aid
Disparages media instead of accomplishing a solution on North Korea
Shows indifference to ethics concerns while fails to release tax returns
Acumen short-sighted, narrow-minded is why he’s universally derided
Most despised president ever, reviled more than Cosby in knit sweater
Savior turned slayer, hate-monger engaged in dreadful public behavior
Vampiric deeds in blood banks, delirious rants of send her back chants
Despicable individual with hunger of cannibal at congressional reprisals
The omen kid all grown up, 666 mark of beast appears after his haircut
Brazen in his abusive attacks, slurs quarterbacks that take knee like Kap
Pampered pussy petrified of military, doctors paid by his wealthy daddy
Draft deferments were plenty, Cadet Bone Spurs devised phony injuries
Reality TV nonsensical mentality, incited thuggery at post-election rallies
Economic policies worsen inequality for majority of inner-city minorities
White House Harvey Weinstein how he’ll grab Mother Earth from punani
Tiki torches tightly gripped by palms prepared to cauterize black churches
Nauseatin’ nation, Caucasians salivatin’ to become owners of plantations
Only thing that should be banned is salon that granted him an orange tan
This will never be your land as long as Antichrist gnaws chain of command