What the sound has gone away like I don't want to bump droors no I don't have a desk always deeming the sorry sight am I lost where are you guys at it's like I hear no sounds but I would be scared would I hear music there would be no recording maybe early just by myself I think I would fall asleep and wake up yes I think it would still be here I think I would have a seat available with sick ass brakes you drive fast oh you drive the signature of your driving is that of like a bedlam holding on I don't want to get dizzy we make it safe that was crazy I'm not drunk sh I think I might throw up I don't know something about you like I wouldn't mind I think I can see that where should I go like i would have a warm blanket in the closet here you go damn you are fine it's clean yes I be that fool like if I would stop I would be in bed would i would you yes we all dig that dyed hair like just being you a female I guess it really doesn't matter cuz I know we would all like not care but we would still care everybody I know they would have something like who cares how you see and sentiment like we would we may never know yes we all know by your name yes I be the how you make fools admire