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Thread: the qu'ran code pt. 3

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    Default civil act of 1866

    ...alright, I'm looking at the numbers, observing how u done this
    comcast bringing up a civil act in court to shun vs...
    ...well look, u thought u'd control the wu'ether, but god is unrestricted
    since dropped off at 63 last 12.16 to strip u
    I meet the fem8les at eye-level to see what I'm into
    their lips sealed around my second head, to stream what I been through
    takes every drip of my semen licked, naval intelligence
    knows the shipyard the experiment rendered vs residents
    1865's when my life was robbed by a daringer
    must I repeat, yeah, well whatever it takes for burials
    I'm the face of the 5.00 per 0.01 nation of gods and earths
    I empower the black whole to close its ranks to purge the earth
    I sort out and dispose of dna strains that piggyback
    for our piggybank change, them demons I cast in piggies banked
    from off a cliff, note no essay been written about vs since
    eve tasted the forbidden fruit to have me born in sin
    I'm living proof of the world's end, into my word's not by your pen
    my 7X7 dimension's enough room, what's in-store then...

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    Default the counter

    ...israel is a black male born in philapa, the cons sequence
    going into the consequence is real alas, what's obvious
    to me's not to mostly all, but sum tend to think that if
    GOD's chosen can sleep me off, that I won't exist to them
    until my remains imply that I remain a myth to them
    edit my script again, what happens to u won't wait for them
    to pin tails on their jackets, u not getting past me, that's a fact
    my own counter-terroristic measure's how I reserect
    keeping my brother adolf hitler's health intact to rep
    as he walks off his 17-year sentence on house arrest
    to find himself as the apostle paul, no interfering jabs
    should think they getting their wrists, knuckles, palms, or fingers back
    the "great" king of terror done brought me to life, the sacrifice
    is u all, in a u-haul tracing back to vs? yeah fuckin' right
    I'm a bold brew, I done told u I'm a' fold u, better know who
    not to fuck wit', my income tax return the subject to own u
    remove financial debt off of me as soon as your nose smacked
    with odor in your house dismembered family members can't hold back
    u la-di-dah'd when I warned u many times 'bout the mahdi' gras
    eating israel alive, u ain't care that I could call 'em off
    and charlotte con looking to u for the answers and keys to doors
    instead of just giving to me the b8tches to keep indoors
    and reap rewards, u looking for gay chaos to describe wars
    all bread's put on the counter, I'll personalize my whores
    before they ever become that, be my own personal subjects
    an idea this mind of mine will not let go of for shit
    so your world can end on that regard, fallen or fall in...
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