To just be here how so one drink not not so much I do not know if it has a water yes how we need it every once in a while what I need to do yes how to fix up my bed my room I hope it's cool yes how we have bushes green bushes how they look cut both sides very damp the soil how my light by the door no no one has come and stop by yes I do have to go to eat some things food what can I grub anything sirloin would be good if yes anything rice beans I can have an alcoholic drink it's alright some punch is very so yes it relieves to have some after my plate in a place where depending on the season which is one passed when the sun is closer to this world no yes how so inspirational yes I can see winds want to arrive it's like branches with leaves chill talk breathe I wonder why they find interesting stuff hi trees further down a road there are many homes it leads to a lot of places it's really far away from the main spot where a lot of the people go to buy stuff one may need yes food clothing anything we may like a lot of people hang out here day or night some nights late but yes wherever they are people live in many places they call home sometimes we may come to cold breeze out from this place a lot of roads lead to places not similar to where this area or place is called this town called place to chill yes by where I stay at there are many people who sort of live by me my house small cemented it's cool yes I can sit in the porch but enough I don't feel like being by myself so I go in yes I just sit hang out what to do but just chill I speak a lot of notes once in a while fun this home right by a road where there is silence but it is very lighted is a family deep about 4 2 brothers 2 sisters the oldest girl she is nice she likes to help out and be a normal person she works but in her spare time I think she be always thinking of a lot of things that a girl her age yes 21 be thinking she works in a shop it is so cool a local liquor store yes all old school old fashioned yes to go in and go buy she is so how you feel when somebody trips you out she s not that tall but she is not that short either clean nice hair shampooed conditioned they live with their mom and dad the younger sister she is 19 a little shorter than the older she has her hair a little shorter yes how they make it look nice with a short hair style but not buzz cut like sort of like them wigs however they look she also works helping people selling clothing the 2 brothers 9 and 10 just hang out at home with mom and dad both like haircuts but always leave their hair when they need to all they think about is playing games as most kids their age do the oldest girl s name is Daphne the younger is is named Fine The two brothers are named Paper and Line Mom always stays home she likes to go buy food so she can cook and doesn't mind a beverage with some alcohol once in a while she s sort of tall slim curly long hair she s cool always watching soaps Dad works he likes to work in anything he can be shown or know how to do he likes that stuff he likes to chill at home Mom is named Elegance and Dad is named Turn Open What You See Page