How would it be like what all all this yes but like how no oh yes it like oh how yes like so we should who how about man I do just yes how it's like strumming a guitar like sharpening a pencil or having any pen available I like I do i do like this stuff I was going to make up a word but I didn't where to be like of course I think it is my day off I do not want to go up with dark blue skies and with shadows of the moon always yes the moon I can throw or kick it how about oh man a kick far so far watch out I do have a cuff like a discus how about those kicks I do need those trips up and down then smooth how they have fixed but you still might yes have to watch out be careful I would go out of here and not be myself so what to do where to go we should go how I trip fall but it is a safe landing and just move to the side and be all comfy yes what what is on the ones with batteries or electricity how do how how it how how how it changes and becomes nothing similar after a long time up with no hops but the landing it's alright about about a reverse 360 perfect right next to it you you are so how the north pole circle throws a bunch of cold air what if I kept going north will it get warmer will i be in back of the north pole I know where i would be yes a nice song and then go up I would say bye slowly go up until I reach a place that i sort of know and yes as I get closer the heat a desert then I'm going towards the coast how you been I hope it's cool here today nothing so not sane happened go over here like up up down up down step and slowly but quick as you flip and see how like a bunch so very like yea yup it how it's been a bunch lot so what would you to get at or who you want to how I yes how they are how they look I should draw inside how it has yea like so how I can just stay be here what like I believe it can and will say something to you just being there what would it say what would it do will it go through that place and hit yes I am here but yes I enjoy how I can say something you understand yes I have I wonder if I can grab and hold on like a rock climbing wall like if they weren't hot I would hold on to one nah I would want to stay somewhere near like a restaurant on the way there or leaving but just on the side so I can relax before i return what to say what to do I'm good how it is really something I can't even ponder about so where have you been you you look alright you look nice bomb what where where are you going you re so sort of how you hit me when we say things to each other you you look alright me no like I would not always be the one you like how many places will i go I have a lot of pounds coming my way no not that way it it has to be dope I would be all like no I think it would hold me down I would go so how sometimes like a meteorite I pass by and fly away how the sadness will i be that punch key how the heart feels I feel it is steady yes it is agonizing how you make any guy trip a trance then how it goes away I can be in any place like how I know you are too how we will never know I bet you look good I just want to hold your hand I think one day we will meet whatever how I'm here or over there here how we must finish how it drops how it's put away the night lights at the mall how we go inside our age present today I bet do you like I be me so you like ok the ending who to articulate