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Thread: Busta Rhymes tells an ODB story

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    Default Busta Rhymes tells an ODB story

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    The story in the comments is 200x better, lol

    True ODB story...1993 Wu Tang's first time ever in Cali, a few months after releasing 36 chambers....There use to be this event called the Gavin Convention (3 day Hip Hop Show Case). This particular year it was held in San Francisco,Ca, with showcases through out the Bay Area. I was in college and hosted a college radio show and some how came up on backstage passes in order to get "drops" from recording artist for my particular show. How I knew it was there 1st time ever in Cali?....While chopping it up with The GZA and getting hella "drop sound bites" from him, He said "Yo, this is our first time ever coming to Cali and we had no idea we had love like that". Anyways, after about a 30 min convo the homie GZA blessed me with some tickets to see the Wu perform in Oakland the following day. Mind you, at that point the only Wu membersI saw was GZA and Shyhiem the rugged child.(who must have been 15yrs old).The following night I'm at this little hole in the wall club in Oakland,Ca. The spot had a main club area and a smaller adjacent vip type area. I'm posted up dolo in the small VIP spot which had a small Bar but also had a DJ spinning beats. Roughly about 8 people total in there with 3 of them being these local cats standing in front of me in a cypher busting freestyles to the beats. About 10 minuets later I hear the DJ say "We got the Wu Tang in the house". I look towards to bar area and it was all 9 members, plus Poppa Wu and about 15 fine bitches real talk. i see GZA, he nods what up from a distance, I nod back like good looking on the tiks mane. THEN........I see the "OLD DIRTY FUCKIN BASTARDS" who is walking towards me, looking directly at me like he was coming to holla. ODB had on a very stained and wrinkled white T on. I'm talking very dirty, very wrinkled, stains all over it and he was sweating like a moufucka, just pouring sweat. It was odd because all the other members were dressed Wu Tang Fly. He gets like 3 steps from me, turns and head into the lil freestyle cypher which was right in front of me. After hearing about 2 bars from who ever was spitten ODB unleashed retarded drunken style animated theatrical bars at these dudes.

    Till this day I've never ever scene ANYBODY rhyme like that, completely invaded personal space, It was personal too because he walked up on each one, his face inches from there's. Spit coming out, sweat coming out.....and he was literally hella dirty. Papa Wu comes over and grabs him. Papa Wu emphatically apologizes to the 3 dudes for ODB'S behavior and pulls ODB to the bar area. I could over hear the other Wu cats get at him about "always buggin and fuckin shit up and to chill the fuck out. Think he chilled? NOPE. After telling the other members to fuck off and mind your own fuckin bussiness AND after Papa Wu turned his head this nigga ODB walked right back over to the cypher and got at these dudes AGAIN. But this time he was really on that ODB Drunk style shit, AGAIN...hella hand and body motions, all up in each one grill dam near kissing em(no homo), spit flying, sweat flying, I'm talking SUPER WET SUPER DIRTY ASS WHITE T SHIRT and lyrically fuckin these dudes up saying the most bizzare chit off beat shit. AGAIN...Pappa Wu see's him and comes snatch him up( and a gives the 3 dudes a very very sincere apology on Wu Tangs behalf AGAIN).... TRILL SHIT......after the same rigamaro as before with the other members this nigga creeps off again walks towards these 3 dudes to fuck em up some more, but Papa Wu see's him and grab him before he get to em and tells ODB, "Nigga, knock it off right now before i FUCK YOU UP".
    ODB says to Papa WU ok and post up right beside me....BUT he faced the wall, I had my back to the wall. I'm just knowing the nigga was gonna try to get at me on some shit because he is ON ONE and standing right next to me. I don't look at him or acknowledge him but i can hear the nigga rhyming, so I turn and peep him. MY NIGGA IS FACING A BRICK WALL LIKE HE ON DETENTION, RHYMING/BATTLING THE WALL, FULL BLOWN SWEAT, SPIT FLYING AND CURSING, THEATRICAL, HAND AND BODY MOTIONS ALL OVER THE PLACE, BUT SAYING SOME DOPE SHIT. This goes on for about 10 min no lie. Then I hear the DJ say "WU TANG TO THE STAGE"....By this time it's about 30-40 people in the VIP Spot. Trill shit.....All 40 plus people plus all 9 Wu Members walk out the VIP to the main club area and ALL of us go on stage. Shit was incredible......but wait we are talking ODB! They did'nt have a DJ, instead they performed off a "DAT" tape (pre recorded instrumentals). Not sure what the 1st song was, but ODB had the 1st verse. About 4 bars into his verse the DAT tape stopped. ODB has a fuckin fit. RZA rewinds the tape and ODB starts spitten. 8 bars in same thing, tape stop. AGAIN ODB flashes, says he gonna kill the sound man(RZA) and demands that the tape be rewind so that he can get his shit off. In fact he says "AIN'T NO FUCKIN BODY ROCKIN UNLESS THE TAPE IS REWIND SO THAT HE CAN GET HIS SHIT OFF! Mind you, he was dripping sweat and hella dirty. NO BODY WAS TRYING TO EVEN STAND CLOSE TO HIM( Wu niggas included) After trying to fix the DAT TAPE for a good 5 min RZA was like fuck it...NEXT SONG. Other Wu niggas nodded in agreement, but ODB was not having it. My nigga goes off on a drunken/high tangent about how the other members always be hating on him, about the people are here to actually see him, NOT the other niggas.....and more importantly "FUCK THAT SHIT GOD, IF I DON'T SPLASH MY VERSE, AIN'T NO BODY SPLASHING" Niggas was trying to grab his mic an all. Mind you, we/they been on stage a good 15 min now. I see METH talking to Pappa Wu in discuse and then Pappa Wu walks up to ODB and whisper something in his ear. ODB then pauses, looks around then slams the MIC on the stage, breaking it and says" Aight, it's like that my nigga, ok fuck all ya'll bitch ass niggas then, I'm out back to my hotel room.....but yo....which one of ya'll fine Cali bitches wanna come get high with Ason Unique?....and literally bounced out with 4 bitches. THEN....ALL I HEARD WAS" M.E.T.H.O.D MAN " coming from the sound system and the crowed went funkin ballistic in OAKLAND CALIF.SHIT HAPPENED 25 YRS AGO...BEEN AROUND HIP HOP 30YRS....TO THIS DAY MY MOST FAVORITE/MEMORABLE MOMENT IN HIP HOP.THANK YOU ASON UNIQUE...I SEEN IT WITH MY OWN EYES, HE REALLY REALLY WAS AN OLD DIRTY BASTARD!

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    ^Damn, that was dope! Crazy

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