How we be we do i like yes to just pass by some place any how about an a a nice afternoon day like what to get we have something to get i think no more than 20 ounces ice cold no but refrigerated for a good a long ass time how i switch sometimes it ain't enough once we just how we started then finish quick how many times have we gone I go through how we what you have felt me this yes I have been asleep but have awakened can we all no matter what age or some like me no you probably do not how yea yes do like would you a punt from far away not a practice one that goes through the middle yes it is it out is good how we work on speed how we step break tackles I think we can get a first a long ass 12 minutes who not all would how they make us are we who are the ones they choose chose sort of like that wrist bracelet everywhere we go I assume like being in a fix how we see are you that interested do you would you yes if go high but no we would be next to each other in a park how would it mood like if we need to be some place or another would you choose this place that ends with an I a I would want to give it a hug like I would go not my regular self I would always love to be in this place once you walk in she sees or does she how does she start whatever she does who knows would it be dates yes with no feet I go an alright velocity would she go up a street that has incline how about down yes we have cups with soft drinks how fibers mesh would do we look smile hold on do not worry so happy as can be is it us that we click I'm not a pilot high high as the f word how it tenors full speed who they would drop me off I land be cool who what what is my taxi uber lyft would they drive me how I must meet yes to to that location who I be that one that she sort of like a baseball that is caught with a glove here there man thrown that that is it it has been thrown so very wow with a lot of force will i be that person that she goes crazy for how yes you are you are like you man I yea yes yup I have i have been I go so like you are the most I no like it has to go this command what how would one that would not give a would she do anything I had to not but I will now keep I have to see how fast this text message travels how how do you get it receive it do we have wires that send them through them no here I with a lot of how speakers in the back are loud on no I still just there here all this would it will would it come out yes I to really no just so lackluster how we see yes whatever a male feels when you have seen a female what would you how would we yes you are so beautiful everything about you I do not think we would be compatible how you make us trip so like if we listening to the radio is it night or afternoon how it bumps like do we like it I yea yes I think it is so dope nice cool beyond I think I'm holding on a chopper has just picked me up it has taken me cool thanks I think how my feet steps how they sound do they add sound effects no think all nice quiet all quiet it sounds alright loud it sounds good I know who you are the finest or fine you are the finest I have ever seen do quarters keep making me move I do stop but when I want to we have gone berserker but would they want us is it like a 12 pack of beer how about a 18 or 24 or 36 will i have to be old I think one day it will come