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Thread: AR-AB Catalog

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    Default AR-AB Catalog

    This guy deserves his own thread. Just discovered him today and the whole catalog is some sick Philly Street Muzik.

    Ar-AB featuring Dark Lo - "Blow 3" (Music Video)

    AR-AB - HATE FRAUDS!!!!!!!!

    FREESTYLE with Swizz Beats and Cassidy in Harlem https://youtu.be/Gb67S0fTnMM?t=349

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    Default Ar-Ab - Mud Musik

    Ar-Ab - Mud Musik "Intro" Official Video

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    Damn I still think everyone sleepin... even me.

    So few tracks I checked were straight FIRE.

    Stop sleepin on Philly rap. They always been nice.

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    Ab is good but alot of his songs are just "ok" to me. Dark Lo has a better catalog and has been putting out quality music. He's working with alot of the hot artists right now too "Roc Marciano" "Benny" "Vdon" (on the beats). You should check his stuff out
    Only a few years ago Hip Hop purists may have felt superior listening to hard core while their less enlightened companions snacked on commercial rap. As Shaolin research began to point out the overwhelming benefits of raw production, true hip hop enthusiasts started turning back to traditional styles. Wu-Tang in particular, has been shown to myriad beneficial effects, from warding off ignorance and poverty to reducing the risk of incarceration and death.

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    I'm scared to check out Roc Marciano's whole catalog. Everything I heard so far was too nice and I probably haven't listened to 3/4 his material. Link up some Benny and Vdon for me.

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