This is a very uninspired Corp nickname, especially after the "2008 - 2014 who is the coolest or wealthiest civil war".

This is the name that Cleveland Nicky dooch would pick after passing out in his La-Z-boy recliner before the 7th round pick during fantasy footballs.

We can do better. Obama and Trump said so.

This is now a thread of super dope potential user names for a half Juden, half Cubano (Jimmy Johns sandwich) man-bearish hiphop forum commentator. He has the "wit", "charm", and "deep south UpChurch gentle-man/gentile mannerisms & hospitality".

The full package (no homo) basically...

Post his "born again" nicknames below:

I already picked "Cuckstro's Kid" because its super EDGY and memorable like the side-walk chalk I'm gonna fuck your mom's gushy splits w/ in 2020.