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Thread: Lord Jamar is the original Stan

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    Not certain why Eminem thought that going at Donald Trump was going to end well for him..
    He even acknowledged himself that doing so cut his own fanbase in half. Two years later and Revival is still only gold. Huge flop by Eminem standards

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    Weak erections and watery nut.

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    I love Eminem's music, but the stuff he does in real life is wack. This is where he becomes wack to me. Bad Meets Evil should have never broken up in the first place. They broke up because Royce wanted to sign to Shady Records,
    Royce said Eminem told him he was too busy filming 8 Mile, but they could do it after he wrapped up filming, then Royce found out Eminem signed 50 Cent, which of course would have upset Royce, because he is going to think "he chose this new niggah over me" All Eminem had to do is hit Royce up and say that he has to make this power move with Dre and 50 Cent, but he did not forget about him. Then there is him being this legendary battle rapper, but always going at people who are not rappers at all or rappers that are waaaay below his skill level. Canibus and Everlast are the closest I would say he has had to any real competition, if he were battling pre Can-I-Bus Canibus and not post Can-I-Bus laughingstock of hip hop Canibus, then I could take all of that more seriously. Sure, Juice is the only person to defeat to ever defeat Eminem in a freestyle battle, but it is not like it did anything for his career, all he can do is say "I defeated a pre fame Eminem" Then there was the mishandling and total ball dropping of Obie Trice's Second Round's On Me. He recorded an album that banged harder than his debut but received little or no promotion because Eminem was curled up in a ball in a corner somewhere rocking back and forth holding his knees because Proof was murdered. I understand that he lost his best friend, but you still have to handle your business, the world does not stop.

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    His acting is good from what I've seen and his beats are too, but sound similar. Paul Wall has a local hit, 'Swanging in the Rain' or something like that. It was big here in Houston. Yeah he seems to deal with adversity and tragedy like a big weird bitch and his 'battles' are clown central.

    I think he was a rare example of a successful industry plant.
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    Just accept the cookies, fag.

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    Yeah, that is always the general consensus of his beats, everybody I have asked about that always say his beats all sound the same.

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    Lord Jamar - The Sun!

    black centric song but people aren't screaming racism.

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