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Thread: Well this was awkward

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    Quote Originally Posted by TSA View Post
    you're boring

    Jewish girls are really hot to me for some reason. I mean, the hot ones at least are extra hot.

    Its great being a man, you can just date, fuck, marry young bitches at any age and nobody cares.

    I don't know how fucking a jew would fit into Bob's whole online budget hitler persona, but maybe nailing some chosen pussy will get him to stop talking about jewish bankers and racial mixing so much, which can only be a positive.

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    I've been with two jewish girls and they were very down to earth and nice. One girl however, her family were very strict kikes and didn't aprove of my goy ways. They found a way to break us up and I'm still resentful about that. I've had girlfriends of different races and backgrounds and from my experience, white girls are the worst to be in a relationship with. They make for the most entitled, materialistic, whining, annoying partners. Asian girls are the complete opposite and pretty much have all been wife material.
    "I hate them and I wish death among them!" - Mahatma Gandhi

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