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Thread: (WAR POLL) NYC Black Hebrew Israelites vs Hasidic Jews - who wins?

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    Default (WAR POLL) NYC Black Hebrew Israelites vs Hasidic Jews - who wins?

    The news unfolding recently is pretty wild huh? Holy war stuff I guess?

    Need someone to find the current death toll. Believe it's 4 - 0 ... Hebrew Israelites with the lead, since modern Hasidic Jews are basically middle aged incels with weak bone structure, hereditary psychopathy, also weird restraints on high protein diets. Slumlording old black ladies out of apartments is != to deadlifts or cool salvation army costumes like their opposition.

    However the Hasidics can earn a point or 15 if they they use their sanitation union leverage to mobilize all NYC street sweepers to wipe out the small corner dwelling units of Hebrew Israelites who harass tourists with pamphlets or scream-talk.

    This actually might be a great use case for that crypto sports betting thing from my other thread. WIN BIG on watching society implode, but SLOWLY.
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    This is one where you sit back and watch them kill eachother. Then make a deal with the winner.

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    Original black Jews

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    Universal Music & Time Warner tall israelites
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