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Thread: Your Perfect Wu Album

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    Default Your Perfect Wu Album

    What is it, that personally for you, constitutes a perfect Wu or Wu affiliated album? If it's sonics, explain it more than just saying you want 4th Disciple and True Master. As we all know it's been a minute 4th made Soldiers Of Darkness / Wu-Renegades type of beats, and the chances of those type of beats happening again are slim. The opinions across this board are so varied, and the responses to albums over the years are so diverse that it's interesting to analyze what constitutes a perfect Wu album, individually.

    There's a feel to some albums, a comradery that comes across, or the cover, or the sequence, or the beats, or the timing of its release, or the mix, etc etc...

    Would love to hear from anyone happy to describe.

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    cover : gritty / ninja / army / comic book style

    producer : rza and/or wu elements

    skits : gonna need 'em! movie dialog ish

    topic(s) : it's gotta have an overarching theme unless it's ghost who can pull off an album with songs that vary wildly in topic

    features : at the very least 3 generals if it's a wu member, at least one general if it's an affiliate. 'it's militant' does NOT qualify as a guest verse. I DON'T want to hear anyone put on their own Weed Carrier Unit (American Cream Team, House Gang etc). No Rich Chigga shit features either

    remixes : leave 'em off the album

    ideally there'd be a Mobb Deep feature (P or Hav) or one Havoc beat (only outside producer beat) on there too. I LOVE the wu guest features on mobb albums and always thought there should have been more mobb on wu albums, like 'Chinese Marines' (the wu features on the mobb albums were better though)

    So what are wu classics to me? first 3 wu albums, first round of solos (not uey, masta killa's first is too disjointed), ghost's second, method man's second minus the skits, bobby digital, first & second Killarmy album, Priest's first album, the original songs that would have ended up on SoM's first album, Cappa's first album too
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    Just straight hard lyrics and boom bap. I am a simple fan..

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    Wu-Tang Forever.

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    Besides ODB? Loops heightened by rappers with too high volume in headphones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wukillabee25 View Post
    Wu-Tang Forever.


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    intro shaolin finger jab
    pyrex vision
    scary hours
    what the blood clot
    assassination day
    shaolin what
    fifth disciple
    Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber
    plo style
    brooklyn zoo
    slang editorial
    ice cream
    must be bobby
    chrome wheels
    broken safety
    all that i got is you
    build strong
    have mercy
    the soul controller


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    Samples, pianos, violins.

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    Apologize in advance for bad grammar but this is just gonna be stream on conscious style post.
    To be honest, at this point, a perfect wu album to me is one where they all block out ample time to come together in the studio and put the work in. Feel the energy of the people around you, lyrically compete for your spot.
    Anybody’s welcome on the album as long as it betters the sound, within reason obviously. I don’t wanna hear drake or lady Gaga on a wu lp. No features just based on name or popularity.
    Not one single person in charge. Rza can’t be in control with little input just to have everyone complain after release. Take a vote. Ideally everyone would agree on beats, subject matter, lyrics, etc. but when that doesn’t happen majority wins.
    Beats. This is where wu albums are won or lost imo. If the beat is raw, gritty, real wu shit then everything else will fall into place. Rza still has some dope shit in him but we can’t expect the perfection of the initial run. From what I’ve heard from OUATIS you’ve got the sound locked down cilvaringz. Let’s keep it real here everyone. You can hate the business tactics or whatever other bullshit is bothering you about cilva but the beats...shits always been fire. Bronze of course. I’m sure 4th, tru, supreme, etc. have a few hard wu beats left in the vaults.
    Slang. I wanna hear some off the wall shit that I gotta rewind to understand. Innovate. We all know that each member is capable of this. They just need to be in the right frame of mind and environment to bring it out in my opinion.

    I’m sure there’s more to add but this is just off the top of my head. Great topic with a twist. Been really fiendin for some gritty wu sound. The last wu lp that came close was the leadup and release of ob4cl2. The sound of state of grace, enemy, new wu, etc. I need ouatis. We should just take our favorite tracks off all wu albums from the last 10 years or so to make the best album we can. Post 1 album with a poll for every track and the winner gets added to the final product. And do that for every wu album from this decade.
    Shit like this:

    And then you release ouatis. Find the hidden usb that you saved it on and bless us.
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    it would be hard to explain a feeling , a vibe , or sense of satisfaction i get when i listen and decide in my soul what to me is a perfect album. what i can do and this goes for any genre i listen to is list examples . in this case its wu or wu related releases that i feel are perfect based on my feelings but also how many times ive gone back to listen to them.

    i dont skip any tracks on any of these listed below.

    in no particular order they are

    Heavy Mental
    Liquid Swords
    Black Castle
    Wu-Syndicate self titled
    The Prophecy
    Heist of the Century
    The Pillage
    The Pick , The Sickle , and The Shovel
    Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
    Dirty Weaponry

    ****** honorable mention ******- Aint Nuttin' New Under The Sun ( sunz of man shelved album )

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    RZA going back to the boom bap sampling style, along with other producers contributing such as Pete Rock, Apollo Brown, 4th Disciple, and Tru Master.

    Just keep it simple. The guys are all still dope emcees. They just need the right beats to pull it out of em.

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    I'm not concerned about the direction or style of any potential new records, they can and should aim to do something fresh and innovative. It just needs to be better quality than ABT.

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