I can be here for a long time I believe I can hang more I was born how they how you if I stayed there like if I can be like that for a long date I would be like or yes I would try it a second time but no I would be like tapes put away or more like certain collections how would I be before I reach the age of when yes I would i still will will i ever I feel like if I'm going to be present time in these decades yes like that paper that is taken away by some sort of wind current kind of like that parachute who will i be in the next 20 s how will it be when we reach the 50 s where would this brain be live it right you re sort of in a diner then you get thrown back I have been there and know how I felt do you trip on people you sort of know where you re at oh how I be going very out of this world where am i headed how how will i get there so just be happy enjoy everything no cane I would try to walk do whatever you can when that day is taken away we yea yes we it's something else how you be is that cool feel leaves they all be saying hi I have been there who who is summing on who keeps on putting a bunch of 25 cent quarters like do we need breaks how who how does my face change only stay that way it's like switching chess what do you smell food I would be there all the time at least for a bit but who would make fun of me hey man I want to do this you guys may be here more time I get taken away like them poker chips or dice where can we go like raves at the orange show was it cracking bass beyond them bass boosted speakers what size can they be fog machines a screen lights I need to jam take the exit the partys the whole place jumping people passing out entering this place that likes to be so silent how I pass out it helps when you see all that you just sit look back a lot of spots no nah man you don't need to be bedraggled like what if we don't do nothing how will the uphill be to see think would some still want to try and be a little slick to just be me that yes that me some this who this me some this boom I to what I yes I me who what who where to go from here yea yes some marshmallow cookies they have jelly how about a cup what would this gift be I think this jacket can go through flurry we need who how like can we go to some yes I have I have like oh at no how yea yup how would the next one like how would who she be so bomb so like so yes too or a who what would make her choose yes I be talking to have all this in me where to go do i just sip all I see is somewhere In a club no bar but a bar sometimes yes my name is I cannot tell you but be me I'm yes that some this where how does it appear yea who that person have a purse where is she from no I do not like no not Cali slang how about like this month is it cool where must no I no not how no nah man this let's make it laid back do trees even know like what they just grow no I like no I do not want to smoke they oh hey what's how they look want no don't talk to me to bounce after the faded to go get something to eat what it is to be in your spot yes to have a nice a nice cool ass roof my fault yes I recall that hole in the fence an opening I yes I can go through there it's like I can slide through but not get hurt yes I can get hurt no fence why touch my shirt sometimes yes I must make it clean I never tried it but i think I can play football everything else would get lost it would be a field like if you get lost you can ditch no sorry yes it was taken I no never how about fairs a circus too all the time I would be straight and go through the parking lot the dirt one was better no watch yes how sodas fall how they land watch out who threw the football over and jump I pull up i just had to go this way around some club a two two of them who would the one be that no I can only just say hello you you are not in my life what can what would how what how would I say it yes I know you are beautiful as for now what can I give you i can just be me flowers would be alright how about some yes lines would be alright no but seriously yes for reals what like even me I wouldn't like myself everything about you is wow would you really take the time to hang out chill we can just make keep making out it's like a book I liked and then it's gone I leave it there no it just stayed there no no good goodbye it's like what didn't weren't weren't we what oh no wasn't it it was it wasn't it alright like I had to really see and think inside my thoughts how they kept coming out I feel like if I had been hit with gloves what no who what yes somebody someone took just took her like nothing it's like yes everything with me was it was taken away like no not me did no my substance did not count it's like what was it was it that one her yea yes it's like throw up was coming up only I did not throw up I don't think I was drunk like yes I know it was like when you know it happens then the next day comes who who was giving me this hurt like what can I can I just do would who my I just had my eyes closed I can still have them closed like it's like no not you you are a piece of in real life how we lose forever now like I still know I can I not educe