Like what no to be where I'm at like man what is your what we count what we see one region it's another I would go around like the equator do we send messages to other brooklyn nets what would we tell them would it be a connection we are not able to see we can take excursions that way oh man like today I would be all way way over there I can would be able to return wasted yes how I have been getting I'm old a very most yes in the me the most simp simplest of a way I deem I can go through a game to have enough battery enough gas up I just trippin i would not want to go yes what exit I slow down obey traffic signals that tell me chill wait go go that way I yes to chose choosing I chose to just go that supervision what it is who who are you how we enter capitals yes right now I be a center close to the beach lots of hills like greens where would this golf club take me everything we do we how we how we are choosing to have like when you get surprised how it finishes how can we go over these little small mountains the vehicle would be able to land of course after a bit how we see they be changing the bulbs who puts those signs and commands I read i see they shout to me but you do you do have check see out the view are we going here or there no I must not be going so looney when we are getting yes man I can I can put a word and make it look it looks alright if you we determine I in this station I perceive would you just come all yes I be going crazy as so beyond I cannot take it it's like yes I'm up here but I am not the one that comes down from up there I just drive back that whole miscalculate when doors close no I will never what like did do do you pick to be smooth like passing through a crowd barely passing by all we can do is watch which one out of all of you yes needed to go through a check out to go out to my aircraft yes I to go a certain distance like a little bit extra I forever stuck how we pass out in chairs where do these thoughts take us I can be anywhere but do I sense I would exit my pad it's like 4 feet high of water it's gone though it's like my suitcase is open I no I cannot take it anymore I must pack and leave is do is I is I is I is it really me to see infinitely how fast speed entrances take us lead us and we 're gone how fast do we tour like I be leaving one place what one day what do do we how yes I need to like what throw one yes it how yea yes it it it must it is very how is it dope to do like one more how do would do would we just would do this everywhere or oh yea that's right we here so very very fortunate I have like I want to like yup I foresee I must do like even what like I do I do like to do this in blank I like blank places some how I think we can throw it over the air accelerated would they come out but with to to yourself with something we may use or use to write how you can be anyplace I want to chill why who how do you it moves it's like if it's when the day is done but we still yes lucky to have light yes see where you at like it's like no I have I to have how we like like am I a lucky one could it be it's like letting papers go up in wind where would they go no maybe no one may see or they would would you be right next to some dude would you be there it will be all good or it can be anything we make it would will it be a dope one would a one handed dunk of trash my fault no yes how about something anywhere to drive yes I think cars would pull up it will be cool to like would how would we treat you it would be raining popcorn you you must be the a really one that grabs my attention but yes like I consider you are pretty when you finish a writing instrument and you can only talk about how it ends we can continue does this flower dry pedals look dry they I think they can fall by themselves but it can be there dry how yes they how they stay how it is when you bounce go with someone else it's like all these roses no better they get put away somewhere else it's like yes bam I get socked punched I fall get defeated to really have lost maybe in a long ass time will it ever happen it won't be the same no more so yes we we must be true and so real I can look back who what me so how it all comes out it's like papers how they flutter but on their own it was really really man like it's like it was it wasn't really it was you like damn one yes how one says I I was nothing like I only did so much slow dancing what what would you call it yes I had to float land safe from a high ass set I felt so but one yes like when you see an empty bag of chips on the floor who where where can you take me how it was with you how it was with you too everything my likes gone needed to be taken one rest yes being taken out but I must step down