I don't know how it started but I do recall that Adidas equipment I used to think E J was better yes I saw you on that sprite can I had heard of you but I still educe them airballs after a year I look back on your playoff win I do memorize I hate the sonics and the jazz I heard you were tight I call up all them nba live games I would see a lot of college T N T too and fox sports west I just retrospect this game is in the refrigerator I was a big A I fan it's a ton with blooming flowers I went back to L A I knew who had won I understand the mavericks were starting to be tight I was into it more it's like playing in a gym but everywhere this year this start of the season I knew you guys were doing good I didn't like the lockout I wanted New York to win then I saw who the coach was going to be the greatest yes we were going to win he signed I couldn't believe it you guys were dope real real dope were you the best I always wanted you to win them L A C s were dope too it's like wi fi not to forget the beginning of s c how could I forget that record you guys had good players all them stats that 15 game win streak snapped what how can we lose it felt like if we had lost a close game we knew you were the best but then the playoffs started I felt like other teams could possibly win can't call to mind who was in the first but do enshrine who was in the second and third every win we would want the immense for our team one team with good ass players I really thought It could would all end playing this series the last game it was looking all over after a meal then I somehow believe we could win then shots started going in it sucks I always thought I would see you old hard to imagine I saw you a bunch of times on Ellen I knew you were at some games too always with family we already miss you we don't know why things happen a little you it's very tough to have to be here forever family we know you 're there I don't know if I would ever dunk dingy i would always do at the buzzers just to know what happened it makes just want to say one day I feel like if I woke up from an intoxication of alcohol I really couldn't wait to see you at that hall of fame enshrinement yes number I didn't see that one I commemorate that 2k4 version I would still wear them how am I going to be able to shoot I don't have hops anymore If I make one I would feel all happy I determine I would want to make more the fadeaway I would want to make the reverses or a pass I see you everywhere now I feel like you 're just at home I feel like I just fainted and have awoken up I'm not so young but young one day I just hope for one swish I don't know how much I have in me I conjecture where to walk to I hope I don't get lost the ache we must feel as painful as hurt how to continue in this city and everywhere 180 s nice game game winning shots handles like glue I believe impossible shots have gone in what city did I live in I truly feel it would always be called that when nightfall comes what lights do we see I'm going to go not so sane interstates how they lead us places this territory on the west forever the purple that place as long as it stays yellow how they say gold on the inside however the court is this center when we bounce I will never forget you a fancy crossover a shot exact seconds left we would always believe that poster that was him what are we going to do endlessly him he was dope he was good thank you for all the memories how everything happened 8 and then 24 B M K B 8