Kentucky Derby thoroughbred pedigree
Teenage prodigy with unruly tendencies
Blue collar philosophy, Rocky Balboa in Philly
Box office of Fandango, cinematic glow
Quantum leap from high school to pros
Skipped college for the NBA carnage
Kobe craved that premium Japanese beef
Beast with T-Rex teeth, inflamed nostrils breathe
Say hello to the bad guy, young slayer like Malachi
Unreformed child of the corn, the perfect storm
Eldest son of the devil, Lucifer’s most evil pupil
Barabbas to Pontius, too wicked for even Jesus
Serial killer cerebral, H.H. Holmes murder castles
O-Dog malevolently menace to enemies’ societies
Caused rivals to utter “I feel sorry for your mother”
On court intent was murderous of Escobar lieutenants
Triangle offense noncompliant, militant defiant
Geronimo Pratt DNA, rebelliously crazed plays
Kevorkian lethal prescriptions, hardwood heathen
Bobby Knight chairs in flight vehement psyche
Serengeti mentality, brutal attacks with impunity
Josey Wales at gun range, borderline deranged
Silhouettes in shadows due to Manson mindset
Christians bail and tiptoe from this American psycho
They rather not risk the wrath, Patrick psychopath
Boundless lack of conscience, ruthless insistence
Cognizance envenomated, Medusa stone-hearted
Callous character, Richard Kuklinski demeanor
Arctic glares would dissolve dense ice of glaciers
Death stare deadly as sub-Saharan Africa snakes
Not one to discriminate, hell-bent intent to annihilate
Fanatically obsessed to conquer and mentally oppress
Devastate like hungry swarms of locust with laser focus
Discipline fixation, Michael Jackson before the sedation
Legendary determination, self-immolation perspiration
Frenetic traits of lunatics, sociopathic was the work ethic
Obsessive-compulsive disorder, takeover fourth quarters
Iron will, never ran never will like he was from Brownsville
40-mile desert bike rides in the middle of pitch black nights
Infinitely complicated, TNT temper when fuse detonated
Ostracized by peers, after these pussies got pap smeared
Condemned considerably but quickly embraced villainy
Fueled by MJ YouTube views, driven by thunderous boos
Endless reservoir of self-confidence, unrivaled toughness
Fistful of aerial aptitude, mid-flight ravishing as Rick Rude
Immense rookie ambitions, the chosen heir to Air Jordan
Mariano Rivera out bullpen when he flexed the Mac 10
Cube and WC said James best bow down to a real king
Titan’s Calibos offspring, quick to sever Pegasus’ wings
Django unchained sheer rage could not be harnessed
Jet Li fearless when brain entered depths of darkness
Maniacal propensity, single-minded passion for anarchy
Unyielding ferocity, mentality walked on edge of purgatory
Mt. Everest bloody icepicks torture tactics killer instincts
Schwarzenegger predator with appetite of Jeffrey Dahmer
Grim Reaper in Usain sneakers, Dexter murderer manners
Staples Center was torture chamber, heads hung on rafters
Rivals terrified of Los Angeles because of this Night Stalker
Jack the Ripper in Nikes, Tina Turner flashbacks of furious Ike
Insatiable hunger, 81 points on Toronto by a ravenous raptor
Voracious competitor, Humvee gunner quick to smush Parker
Ron Artest Auburn Hills palace type of malice, heart callous
Zero remorse, hitman that severed head of Jack Woltz horse
Cold-blooded amphibian lack of compassion, Kill Bill assassin
Black mamba vexed persona, Komodo dragon noxious saliva
Chest cavities shredded apart like Apocalypto ripped hearts
Not to appease the Gods but solely to cause solar eclipses
Zero Wolf prowess, jaguar paws reckless as Mayan savages
Brutal raids with no repentance of pimps with schizophrenia
Alpha & Omega, world was his like when Montana left Cuba
To stay on top he had to play with rage, Tyson out the cage
Tactical scud missiles in the arsenal, Metallica heavy metal
One-man attack, suicide military aviator kamikaze in combat
Fervor caused California wildfires, Darrell Griffith high-flyer
Elusive fadeaways, defenders in dire danger of doomsday
Armageddon raindrops, end of 24-second clock epic shots
Crunch-time daggers, egos scatter when characters shatter
Challengers’ self-esteems splintered after souls are pilfered
Modern-day Conan the destroyer, opposition annihilator
Death row execution chamber minister, take no prisoners
Abu Ghraib shootin’ guard how he torment all opponents
Quick to talk all that jazz with a sixty point farewell game
Deadly aim numbed minds like Kurt Cobain with cocaine
Freddy Krueger wanted no part of this macabre nightmare
Desire barbaric as electric chair, 2-way player extraordinaire
Masterful tactician, Neo and Morpheus in matrix dimensions
Prolific scorer, led league twice in his purple reign of terror
Heads guillotine cut clean, nine time all-defensive first team
Tsunami waves of turbulence, Pippen lockdown resistance
Pitbull clenched jaw, limbs of handsaws left facials flawed
Demented traps of SAW, blackened claws barbarous laws
Could be olden as Polynice still have unseat GOAT audacity
Everybody wanted to be like Mike but he became the closest
Same ferocious explosiveness with Norman Bates psychosis
Steve Austin six million dollar man with the ball in his hands
Superhuman strength bionic, phenomenal late-game heroics
Clutch as NBA logo, enemies said he’s definitely a Pollo loco
Foes were Shaq-size BBQ chicken, Colonel Sanders finger lickin’
Full-court coroner cadaver hoarder, heart of Aztec warriors
Quickly buried two free-throws after he ruptured Achilles
Will was just insane, fiery backbone of Backdraft flames
Antonym of mere mortals, God-like marvel paranormal
Revered unmatched legacy, they had to retire both jerseys
Only because of his demise Metta now wants world peace
Last of a dyin’ breed is the reason the city of Angels bleeds
Only second to Jordan, Rest in Power NBA mythical legend