Wherever I walk who would jock like jumping from state to state I come back to cali real runs I just calm by an ocean sitting then standing im just saying after resting like no just I got up I had to stands so I can leave trees benches what would of happened if before '04 would it would of been nice tight as you walk marine layer or not buildings I me t o yea if you don't know me a some yea how it starts start starting yea you want to yes hug as it just stands no not my food I do not have some skills would I enter no I'm sorry me Al my real name I yes trash no not that way back now here I really like the feel how does it come out right now like I always think yea I will be old my youth will be gone I don't think I 'll pull yes will it be the same or will the youthful years be the best like I wish i can be forever young but I know I would have wrinkles all yes so shy it's like no one would take interest really believing I will just age like I would want still here as for right now I would have to wait so yes I do not mind yes my body will change we are all young like yes it has yes happened yes just a memory our whatever was here

yea it is the ultimate a wonderful time yea you just think of so many things yes the same girl that was in front of you damn like did I have her I felt a pain inside sort of like punch but after the punch i felt like if I was on the ground then I got up like if I was being pulled up but nobody was there I fell back but then tried to get up faded but I was faded of hurt I got up but when you know you got fucked up oh fuck oh fuck I still feel it yea I'm up still feel it yea I heard the news like i just thought of how it started how at once no but it happened nothing like the present yea nothing I felt it came hurt create it really was that person damn that shit it sucks I really must of I really liked after what you see and to have to change purpose yes how how it is when breaks who to relate with I have gone everywhere how is internet connected is it like an exit city limits earth who knows that earth is active they they have to throw parties nowhere else to go if we had a room or not it would still be cool what yes getting off buses I can yes be cool go somewhere I think my max speed is 2 m p h me and my bag how will the supplies be like what can I see outside like it's there it's really really real they how they chill that would be my studio to be free and let wind hit me I know or yes how they are there like I know who will would find them then when it gets dark and some lights turn on like what who controls them who turns them on I wouldn't be hanging like a honey dip I ve been there when they re off who makes a sound them fools on a mechanical instrument to get around i don't really see the trip like with non paved dirt trails yes rally but for one person trying to maneuver with suspension I hope they don't give out pretty smooth why does dirt give us speed I hope I don't hit dips I see the turns with tires how they throw rocks and onward trying trying to hold on this board skateboard with handles lowering over low tree branches having to watch out for raised paths we go along with my feet have gotten stuck I yes quick have hopped yes to have gone over it's rough but smooth and to go and look out for hazards one day I could would can be in a another stay to just be going around back to that back to where how it just goes keeps going is it like no it wouldn't it won't I no I wouldn't with so much I can may I can hear a lot of stuff like yes how it be In this sick so cool with light who no I no no one would bother me like who where to search I have a lot of mail it must get delivered yes it has to be delivered there there is a yes so until the last one is not left after I whoa yes this little wind current to go and pick it up pick it up my hat then to continue I carefully starting to take off radio would be cool sounds would be good but I would have it closed I don't know like would I put gas yes after to be dropped off I would have switches nah no I would not hit them all the time I would make the choice yes they can be either A or J spec I would take it home just leave it it would look dope i like they must they have to be gas savers clean all very so yes very so much clean nice as clean him what nah he to be getting ready and just just be waiting anything anywhere what nah who him to to have to be yes going around this fair only I do not want to be there to go somewhere but like on a plane why do yes I would not go to how would all the continents would be crazy what yes brew I I have been saying hi this is so true like true to go out and the crowd is gone the cinnabon would be gone hang time like a poster to reach and see the target it would be like main st this year yes another I i been towards the door yes someone pushing me waiting to be dropped off I'm trying not to who to be at dinner this may be a final I have luggage to be going around every bus ride would be like a disconnected P S 4 I I have my ticket or pass to may have to learn to be with still having one like what stimulant my head heading back like where to be where would it all end who to not be who to not be feeling yea to be all ending what is this new year no I'm not smoking to be seeing am I still here yes it's true like who to be with having so much plenty a whole lot of much how it exits the body's spray to be going how we leave with it on the spending of time like how we conversate with our words do you really play touch no please always I can never to leave certain things time in itself how we look how we would look at one another like what are we coming close how our noses come close how we feel and show how our lips they come close how they move and we don't I know how as red as blush no dont get red when it is taken no one but the pictures in front the selected