How I'm getting in like too many ounces of a percent that hits me when oh you hit me least expect yes getting to the place how we can forget things entering yes a mattress with coverings it's not that far but I must lay down to be lost why does this bedstead it let's me know how many times has this happened yes to not be bothered to be drinking spiked gatorade to be there and like wake up later you who has how who no matter the time of day how I stay warm how are like is are there are some around still lost yes what it is like to be made out of clay yes how we just speak or we can compose yes how it gets all with feels we feel like bread when it goes down slow only there is nothing there all passed out to still be driving we still have to be putting fuel where should I go to be free free air yes but for all this as soon as my mind just rises like what who came knocking to look out the window and see today I uncover myself and be like if I go here and there is it morning or day cloudy everything all alluring I'm on a trip right now I don't know when will it stop it's like I jump with hops but I'm just training I get the prize I accept yes I win but I have lost like what no I didn't see it it's like I need to consume something that quenches me something that quenches my thirst to be passed out on cardboard or wherever you may rest how can we forget a couple of things right now like I feel to be writing anywhere everywhere what is it where like I think it should be me how will it end I think it would never stop but when it does will it ever exist I apperceive I can do it for days it would be everywhere all around to the top or no not that high but somewhere it would be dope like what how what how would it be would it ever be open to one's mind what it is like to just see like yes I can get lost and crash run into something yes I must get up and see if everything is ok how long will I be here what what if none ever come as I grow but then get older will it still be like pictures of fun no I'm not trippin to be thrown somewhere yes breaking tackles going through a defender oh who like who to not oh who to not oh who to not to not to not think think yes how bottles empty or tobacco rolls finish non tobacco where to go when we try to exit I will still like and I comprehend it may never be no it will never go away what is it why how it comes out and we have we have a bunch to everything how it makes us how it comes out yes you they you truly are something that is to be seen something that makes us be like what I have gotten mental alertness but we don't feel anything only we do and it makes you want to go sort of smooth hurried how it makes us be I admit there is no end like what it must to this day the present in years for today it would be this yes I to be seeing how it hugs me and I hug it how there are no planes with banners like I be liking till I cannot the agility in which it comes it's like I have to yes they are all so engaging it's like a free night doing whatever we want to do notice I clasp like a late night coffee is this where we 're at when we 're off to what else do we tell about like passing up a performer to be the one next to how freeways hook up empty restaurant glass heading back who to put on that playlist we like to listen and hear how the window open close yes having arrived to be with my knapsack I must leave-taking being picked up the journal for all and yes even the way a city functions how I be liking this one place if we can ever find yes like when a number out of 100 everything it does if you ever say hi messing with the clock the most appealing of them all yes not a joke I would go crazed